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Fireblocks Expands Secure Services with Astar Network Integration

Fireblocks incorporates Astar Network, offering secure services for institutional investors and expanding access to Astar’s DeFi ecosystem.

Key Points

  • Fireblocks integrates Japan’s leading blockchain, Astar Network.
  • Over 650 banks and financial institutions gain access to Astar’s DeFi ecosystem through Fireblocks.
  • Fireblocks becomes the first service provider certified by the Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium (C4).
  • The integration celebrated during a special event in Tokyo, fostering web3 technology adoption in Japan.

In a significant move aimed at bolstering secure services for institutional investors, digital asset management platform Fireblocks has announced its incorporation of Japan’s leading blockchain, Astar Network. This integration opens up new possibilities for over 650 banks and financial institutions to access Astar’s thriving DeFi ecosystem and engage in trading, swapping, and lending digital assets seamlessly through the Fireblocks platform.

Astar Network’s Rising Popularity in Japan

Astar Network has quickly risen to prominence in Japan, gaining popularity due to its support for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) environment and the addition of WebAssembly (WASM). This has transformed Astar into a versatile multi-chain platform, enabling interoperable applications that appeal to a broad user base.

Known for its unwavering commitment to security, Fireblocks has achieved a significant milestone with its digital asset infrastructure system becoming certified by the Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium (C4). This recognition positions Fireblocks as the first service provider to achieve such accreditation. The company’s multi-party computation (MPC) technology has been a hit among traditional financial clients, including prestigious names like BNY Mellon, ANZ Bank, NAB, and prominent Japanese trading platforms such as CoinTrade.

Stephen Richardson’s Remarks

Stephen Richardson, the Managing Director of Financial Markets and Head of APAC at Fireblocks, expressed his thoughts on the integration during a statement. He affirmed that Fireblocks has consistently prioritized promoting institutional adoption in the digital assets industry. Leveraging their highly secure network and MPC-based wallet infrastructure, institutions such as banks, exchanges, OTCs, and hedge funds can now access Astar’s assets with ease and confidence.

To commemorate this strategic collaboration, a special event took place during WebX in Tokyo, attracting over 200 guests, including executives of global enterprises, web3 founders, and venture capitalists. The gathering provided valuable insights into the application of web3 technology in the corporate sphere, especially in Japan, where the government actively explores ways to leverage this technology.

During the event, Maarten Henskens, CEO of Astar Foundation, emphasized the significant impact of this integration. He expressed his excitement about leveraging this alliance to enhance adoption while ensuring that institutions seeking to build on the Astar Network have a secure and robust means of safeguarding their digital assets.


The integration of Astar Network into Fireblocks’ digital asset management platform marks a major milestone for the institutional investor community. As Astar’s DeFi ecosystem becomes accessible to a broader audience, the collaboration is expected to fuel further growth in the adoption of web3 technology in Japan. With Fireblocks’ reputation for top-notch security and Astar’s multi-chain capabilities, the partnership sets the stage for a secure and seamless digital asset experience for financial institutions worldwide.