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Craving Crypto? Try the ‘Bitcoin Rehab’ in Spain: Mental Counseling for Cryptocurrency Addiction!

It is widely recognized that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have the potential to be addictive. Similar to any other drug which can lead to addiction, excessive use can have a really negative impact on mental health. 

People may look to substitute, potentially addictive substances to cope with difficulties, leading to a pattern with damaging results. This has caused a rising number of rehab facilities to offer help for those with bitcoin addiction, as well as related issues such as crypto burnout.

Experience Luxurious Spanish Rehabilitation for Bitcoin Addiction!

On the Spanish island of Majorca, a new rehab clinic has been opened, offering a four-week therapy program to treat those suffering from crypto addiction. BBC recently reported on “The Balance”, a facility devoted to helping people struggling with this “disease”.

Crypto addiction is marked by an uncontrollable urge to trade in bitcoin or other digital assets, in spite of the toll it might take on an individual’s health and finances. This behavioral disorder is driven by the same type of process which guides substance misuse and gambling addiction – releasing dopamine when performing certain activities.

The Balance, based in Zurich, is a “safe haven” dedicated to improving health and well-being. The Swiss-run wellness clinic provides treatments for burnout, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and eating disorders, as reported by the BBC.

Not for the Faint of Wallet 

Having said that, in this facility, the intervention costs a huge amount of money, over $75,000, which includes a lavish experience in a private villa with full body massages, bike rides, yoga, and a designated chef and butler. 

Apart from that, there’s also Castle Craig Hospital in Scotland, a rehab clinic organized to tackle issues related to high-adrenaline cryptocurrency investors, and has managed to provide help to more than 100 people. Furthermore, in 2019, Diamond Rehabilitation, a wellness center found in Thailand, also incorporated Bitcoin addiction rehab and treatment services as part of their menu.