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Bitcoin may reach $270,000 by 2030 (Finder Research)

According to two polls conducted by the Australian financial services business Finder, bitcoin’s price may rise in the future. Experts predict that the top digital asset will trade for about $21,300 at the end of the year. By 2025 and 2030, they expect the value to rise to approximately $80,000 and $270,000, respectively.

According to the firm’s panel of fintech experts, BTC will end the year at about $21,300, and there are no indications of significant price fluctuations shortly. Nevertheless, this represents an 11% increase over current prices. As of October 2022, the panel predicts $21,344 instead of $25,473 in July, $65,185 in April 2022, or $76,360 in January 2022.

Bitcoin’s long-term price is considerably more optimistic among company pros. By 2025, it may reach $79,193 and by 2030, it may reach $270,722. In its poll from 2021, Finder predicted an even more promising future for the asset:

According to the October 2022 report, the panel predicted BTC would be worth $206,351 in 2025 and $567,472 by 2030. Bitcoin remains a value store for 77% of those surveyed. The CEO of EXMO, Serhii Zhdanov, believes it will reach $1,000,000 by 2030.

He said that Bitcoin would be impacted by a global capitalist crisis in the short term, but many other financial assets won’t. Bitcoin hasn’t changed fundamentally, he said. Consumers are encouraged to HODL by 44%, but they are also encouraged to increase their exposure by 46%.

As the most prominent cryptocurrency in market cap and price, Bitcoin will continue to outperform most non-crypto assets, regardless of its loss of market share to other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the least volatile of all cryptocurrencies, so new players can be convinced to invest in it.