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Binance will now launch NFT ticketing post the fiasco of the UEFA League

Binance joined Sportiva Lazio to launch NFT-based tickets for all the sports club matches conducted at Stadio Olimpico. 

Due to the chaotic situation with the UEFA Champions League counterfeit tickets, one of the most renowned crypto currency exchange platforms –Binance, has decided to introduce NFT ticketing through its platform. 

According to the reports gathered, Binance is focussing on introducing Non-Fungible token-based tickets because it will resolve the issues of scalping and fake tickets, disrupting the season’s sports events.

Benefits of Switching to NFT-based ticketing system

 The sports tickets based on NFT launched by Binance will not only enable its users to get access to the League matches but also token giveaways, match discounts, and other such store benefits from S.S. Lazio shall be experienced by its clients. 

The tickets for home matches conducted in the football club –Societa Sportiva Lazio will now be available on Binance. Also, an S.S. Lazio –Marco Canigiani informed that all current ticket holders would benefit from claiming their free NFT tickets and using them to access Stadio Olimpico and get extra advantages the digital platform offers.

Zoe Wei, an executive from Binance, stated that with the launch of NFT-based tickets for sports events, the world would also learn about the different applications of Web3 technology. Wei further suggested that the blockchain ticket system will not only be limited to get access to sports events but also to the broader aspects of the entertainment industry.