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5 Best Platforms & Projects For Free NFT Giveaways

With the rise of Cryptocurrency wallets as well as Blockchain technology, freebies are now more reachable than ever before. Among the most popular tweets on the NFT Twitter feed is “Drop your ETH wallet and retweet.” That’s a win-win situation for everyone: consumers adore freebies, and NFT initiatives need publicity.

The majority of NFT giveaways take place on social media or have been coordinated by the game’s developers. Let’s figure out which platforms as well as initiatives are excellent for complimentary NFT freebies.

Free NFT gifts may be found on these 5 platforms as well as projects:

  1. Twitter

Twitter is a wonderful site for NFT freebies since corporations, NFT initiatives, NFT dealers, as well as independent NFT performers all utilize the hashtag method to provide prizes on the social media network. By researching relevant hashtags on Twitter, you’ll be able to locate NFT giveaway profiles as well as ongoing giveaways. There are a lot of them that just ask you to repost the tweets, join Discord, or comment with a few buddies.

On Twitter, many of the most popular hashtags used to promote NFT giveaways are #nftgiveaway and #nftairdrop. Due to the fact that airdrop hunters may be located anywhere in the globe, they are available at all hours of the day and night. Even though most Twitter NFT freebies are legitimate, caution and common sense must still be used while looking for an airdrop.

2. Discord

Beyond Web3, there is Discord. If you’re an NFT fan, you’ve probably observed that each NFT initiative, no matter how little, has a busy Discord server. Discord servers may be customized to meet the specific needs of NFT initiatives by configuring them to have certain characteristics.

By using Discord, NFT initiatives may interact with their communities on a more personalized level rather than just blasting out hyperlinks. Non-Fungible Token project managers may organize conversations, broadcast meetings online, as well as issue bulletins to keep their roadmaps up to date with the latest information.

The most crucial thing to remember is that when an NFT freebie is advertised on another site, it is almost always accompanied with an invitation to attend the project’s Discord server.

3. Reddit

In terms of NFT giveaway sites, Reddit is the minority, but because of its low traffic, it may be a fantastic spot to get free NFTs. NFT airdrops may be found on the nftgiveaways subreddit. There are a lot of those that don’t even ask for anything in return. Giveaways work well on the subreddit because there aren’t too many individuals offering them, but there aren’t so few that it’s difficult to gain one.

The sole regulation for the subreddit would be that no Discord or Telegram hyperlinks may be published, otherwise they will be deleted. It’s because several NFT initiatives are embracing Twitter giveaways as a strategy to acquire publicity and establish a brand for oneself.

You may also discover NFT initiatives looking for testers or individuals who wish to perform their NFT activities, which could perhaps be a great opportunity to enter a fresh NFT group as well as unlock the gate to additional freebies.


When it comes to finding out about forthcoming NFT releases, conferences, as well as giveaways, is indeed a great resource to use. Once you arrive at their webpage, you’ll be presented with a listing of upcoming NFT initiatives.

NFT initiatives sometimes have their own giveaways, so it would be a good idea to examine those up to see whether NFT initiatives remain popular. Throughout their homepage, you’ll discover a database of NFT initiatives and an up-to-date schedule of forthcoming NFT compilations with brief explanations of every initiative and its offerings.

In addition to a discussion about NFTs subpage providing the most recent information regarding NFT giveaways, also has a weblog.


Another portal,, works with NFT personalities as well as initiatives to advertise their giveaways via its Discord. In most cases, champions are notified on the Discord server of their organization. Seeking information on forthcoming NFT initiatives? Check out the “View All Projects” feature, which lists all the collections that will be released in the next weeks and months.

Whether you’re searching for a location to promote your NFTs on Discord, Twitter, or a site, they provide a promotional area. If you want to learn more about NFTs, check out their blog as well as the news area.

Which Is The Best Platform For Free NFT Giveaways?

We’ve found that every network has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Even while Reddit is less busy than Twitter, the number of NFT prizes there is significantly smaller than on Twitter. NFT giveaways may be a great way to get involved with Discord.

You may use to keep abreast of current NFT initiatives, drops, as well as giveaways for free. Unless you’re an NFT artist or project leader, you may use to both identify giveaways as well as publicize them. Accessibility to 10,000 Non-Fungible Token airdrop hunters via their marketplace is a positive thing for the NFT.