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SolanaFloor has now been acquired by Step Finance to offer NFT Data and DeFi Insights

SolanaFloor released a statement on Thursday stating that Step Finance has now acquired them. The irony here is that Step Finance was once a customer of Solana Data, and its protocols were based on Solana. But now, it has taken over SolanaFloor to offer DeFi and NFT data insights.

Step Finance, based on Solana Data, had more than 110,000 active users every month. But, after the acquisition, we can expect the numbers to rise higher. Step had started as a customer of SolanaFloor in March 2021 and had also won a Solana Hackathon.

Currently, Step’s main motive is to expand by encompassing NFTs, and by acquiring SolanaFloor, the company has already taken a step forward towards its goal.

George Harrap is the co-founder of Step Finance. He had recently stated that after the acquisition of SolanaFloor, Step is already experiencing an influx of customers from the Solana ecosystem entering from different directions.

What is the main goal of Step Finance after the expansion?

As informed by the co-founder of Step Finance, people are still very unaware of NFTs and DeFi systems as a whole. And their target audience would be these interested folks who have little knowledge of DeFi and NFTs—to guide them and provide them with appropriate data insights.

SolanaFloor’s founder Wazza stated that after Step won the Solana Hackathon and currently has 23,000 subscribers monthly from the platform continuously entering into Step Finance, it would be the right time to take their data to Step to enhance the information that surrounds Solana’s ecosystem.