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ZKX Announces the Launch of ZKX Appchain: A Revolution in Trading Security and Performance

ZKX, the omnichain perpetual exchange, announces the the launch of its latest innovation, the ZKX Appchain.This release comes as part of the company’s continued efforts to bridge the gap between performance and security for traders.

Throughout its development journey, ZKX’s primary goal has been to build a trustless, permissionless, and decentralized framework, all while mirroring the efficiency of a CEX and the security of a DEX. The transition to ZKX Appchain is a significant stride towards realizing this vision.

The decision to move to the ZKX Appchain stemmed from the challenges encountered during the first testnet. Given the complexities surrounding trading logic within L2s and the aspiration to achieve optimal performance levels, the current infrastructure revealed limitations, particularly in scaling the computation of an order book at higher frequencies. This insight accelerated the development of the ZKX node network, eventually evolving it into the ZKX Appchain.

The ZKX Appchain, an omnichain layer, facilitates user connection to the exchange across various L1s and rollups. This ensures a consistent stream of liquidity and interoperability, thereby elevating the user trading experience beyond chain restrictions.

What sets the ZKX Appchain apart are its features. It boasts performance and scalability, breaking free from the block production time constraints of traditional blockchain and rollup. The platform integrates robust risk management strategies, efficient API integrations for advanced traders, and a unified liquidity system that grants users access across various L1s and rollups. Additionally, it assures self-custody and provable transactions, granting users transparency and control.

ZKX has always championed the principles of trustlessness, permissionlessness, and decentralization. The ZKX Appchain is a testament to this commitment. Plans are already underway for the exchange’s initial implementation on Starknet, with future integrations in the Ethereum ecosystem. 

ZKX envisions a series of advancements, starting with the ZKX core team as validators during the mainnet launch, progressing to trusted validators, and culminating in a fully decentralized and permissionless structure.

About ZKX

ZKX has been at the forefront of decentralized trading, continuously pushing the boundaries to merge the advantages of both centralized and decentralized platforms. With a commitment to trustlessness, permissionlessness, and decentralization, ZKX has consistently innovated to offer its users an unparalleled trading experience. The ZKX Appchain is the latest in its series of endeavors to redefine the trading landscape.

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