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Wemade Pioneers DeFi Ecosystem Expansion with Kurrency and Konverter

Globally recognized blockchain innovator, Wemade, is poised to redefine the DeFi space with the upcoming launch of two avant-garde services, Kurrency and Konverter. These game-changing platforms are scheduled to go live on Wemade’s WEMIX3.0 mainnet on June 9, 2023.

Wemade: Leading the Blockchain Innovation

Renowned as a blockchain subsidiary of the Korea-based game development heavyweight, Wemade, WEMIX endeavors to pioneer a platform-driven, service-oriented, and experience-centric mega-ecosystem. It seeks to catalyze the adoption of blockchain technology on a global scale.

Redefining DeFi: The Advent of Kurrency

Kurrency emerges as a groundbreaking platform offering token holders the chance to maximize their assets’ potential. Users can deposit tokens as collateral, enabling the minting of the WEMIX Crypto Dollar (WCD). This asset facilitates staking and swapping, offering a safeguard against price volatility. Coupled with the WEMIX Dollar stablecoin, the WCD ensures reliability in a fluctuating DeFi environment.

DEX Optimized: Introducing Konverter

Emanating Wemade’s innovative spirit, Konverter, a novel decentralized exchange (DEX), promises enhanced efficiency. This is achieved by amalgamating the top features of existing DEXes. From June 9, users can expect seamless swapping between WCD and a broad range of stablecoins.

Synergy in the DeFi Space

The vision behind Kurrency and Konverter is to broaden the utilization of assets within the WEMIX3.0 network. They plan to establish a synergistic dynamic among DeFi dApps, escalating the overall volume and interaction within the WEMIX ecosystem.

Future of Cross-Chain Functionality

Upon achieving stability within the WEMIX3.0 mainnet, Kurrency and Konverter are set to evolve further, potentially encompassing cross-chain functionality. This ambitious venture strives to foster connectivity among major blockchains, promoting greater interoperability.

Wemade plans to spark community interest and participation by introducing Kurrency-related quests and activities from June 2, 2023. In conclusion, with the unveiling of Kurrency and Konverter, Wemade is once again on the brink of redefining the DeFi ecosystem. This promising development marks yet another step towards a more efficient, interconnected, and robust blockchain environment.

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