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Web3 stack innovators Biconomy and Particle Network Announce InfraCon@ETHCC

PARIS, JUNE 27, 2023 — Biconomy and Particle Network, renowned for their trailblazing advancements in the web3 infrastructure, are thrilled to announce the upcoming InfraCon@ETHCC, taking place on July 18, 2023. The event promises to be a landmark in the blockchain community, following the success of InfraCon@ETHSEOUL, held on June 1st.

InfraCon@ETHCC is not just a conference; it is a single-day exploration into the most critical tracks of blockchain technology: Account Abstraction, Wallet Infrastructure, Interoperability, and Zero Knowledge. It brings together a robust community of passionate builders, industry leaders, and blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world, providing them with a platform for in-depth technical discussions, workshops, and vibrant exchanges of ideas.

One of the main attractions of InfraCon@ETHCC is the opportunity to delve into Account Abstraction and Wallet Infrastructure. With ERC-4337 marking a significant milestone in enhancing on-chain user experiences, the event will explore the role of social logins, smart contract wallets, and session keys. Furthermore, attendees will get to learn about the rise of fully-functional Multi-Party Computation (MPC) wallets, which pave the way for decentralised applications and simplify the dApp development process.

InfraCon@ETHCC also paves the way for detailed exploration into Zero Knowledge, an innovative cryptographic concept enabling enhanced privacy, security, and scalability. Through comprehensive technical sessions, attendees will learn how ZK-powered technology is reshaping the approaches to payments, gaming, and enterprise solutions in the decentralised space.

The focus on Interoperability provides a unique viewpoint into this essential force of decentralisation. Interoperability, allowing diverse blockchain systems to work together seamlessly, has the potential to unlock the true power of web3 technology. InfraCon@ETHCC provides an unparalleled opportunity to deep dive into how cross-chain communications and transactions are set to revolutionise the web3 landscape.

Biconomy and Particle Network have long been the champions of a robust, Account Abstraction-enabled infrastructure that empowers builders to create innovative decentralised solutions. Through InfraCon@ETHCC, they aim to supercharge the builders of tomorrow, helping them harness the power of web3 technology and shape the future of digital interactions.

“InfraCon@ETHCC serves as a platform for innovative ideas and discussions to co-develop the future of the decentralised world,” says Ahmed Al-Balaghi, co-founder of Biconomy. “We’re bringing together the industry’s brightest minds to share insights, spark conversations, and collectively create a roadmap for the next-generation of blockchain technology.”

InfraCon@ETHCC boasts an impressive lineup of 23 speakers who are thought leaders in the blockchain space. Past speakers have included industry leaders such as Laura Shi, Director of Asia Strategy at Consensys; Samuel Yim, Head of Asia at 1inch; and Robbie Lim, GM of Business Development at NEAR Foundation.

A day packed with more than 10 keynotes, 3 enriching workshops, and collaborative discussions among networking opportunities, InfraCon@ETHCC is the place to be for every individual and organisation invested in the world of web3 technology.

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About InfraCon

The InfraCon Series is co-hosted by Biconomy and Particle Network, both of which are leading, developer-first platforms that empower builders with robust, Account Abstraction-enabled SDKs, MPC authentication, and a full-stack web3 infrastructure. Through expert-led conferences, technical discussions, and curated hackathons, they are fostering the next generation of web3 builders.

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