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Web3 Gaming Summit 2023: A New Era For Gameplay by DeGame and ABGA

Hold tight! In just 3 days, Web3 Gaming Summit 2023 will take center stage!

As Web3 technology rapidly evolves, internet industries are undergoing unprecedented transformations, and gaming is leading the change, captivating users and evolving at neck breaking speed, making the rise of Web3 gaming a hot topic for all.

With Token2049 around the corner. Singapore is gearing up to be the melting pot for Web3 gaming aficionados and pioneers. Seizing this moment, DeGame and ABGA have joined forces for a two-day gaming spectacle – Web3 Gaming Summit 2023. This summit is the place to be for investors, devs, and gaming buffs to dissect the future of gaming in the Web3 realm. According to statistics, as of now, over 2,500 people have registered to participate in this event. This underscores the immense anticipation surrounding the summit, with both projects and individual users eagerly looking forward to its theme and the impressive lineup of guest speakers. Its impact during Token2049 is undeniable.

The summit aims to offer a platform for investors, developers, and enthusiasts in the Web3 gaming industry to discuss the sector’s developmental trajectory and its boundless future prospects.

The summit is set to officially commence on September 11th, 2023, at 9:30 (UTC+8) at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. On the first day, the conference will feature a hackathon finale, co-hosted by ABGA in collaboration with Klaytn, Iskra, and CESS. A total of 10 outstanding teams from the Web3 Gaming sector and related tracks will vie for the ultimate crown. These include Legend of Arcadia, Seraph, Mhaya, Tearing Spaces, Arena of Faith, Lumiterra, TownStory, Mirror Planet, Sui Game, and Planet Hares. Concurrently, a series of speeches will take the stage, with prominent enterprises and projects from both Web2 and Web3 showcasing their initiatives and sharing insights in Web3 gaming.

Day two ramps up the excitement with a slew of presentations and four pivotal roundtable discussions. DeGame and ABGA are bringing in the big guns with top-tier exchanges like Coinbase, OKX, not to mention the heavyweights of the public chain realm such as BNB Chain, Sei Foundation, and Klaytn Foundation. GameFi veterans like The Sandbox, StepN, Apecoin DAO, DeFi Kingdoms, Affyn, PlayEstates and MixMarvel are also on the roster. That’s not all – leading investment powerhouses like Infinity Ventures Crypto, The Spartan Group, Folius Venture, Animoca Ventures, and Rootz Labs will be joining the fray, alongside the tech giant, Google Cloud. These sessions are geared to dive deep into the evolving landscape, tech hurdles, and golden opportunities of Web3 gaming. Notably, during the conference, the well-known public chain, Linea, will officially announce its strategy and rules for building a Web3 gaming ecosystem, marking its formal entry into the Web3 gaming track and providing a platform for game projects to deploy and grow. 

Here’s the detailed conference agenda:

Web3 Gaming Summit


Bayfront Avenue, Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore



Empowering the Web3 Gaming Ecosystem


2023.9.11, 11:00–12:30(UTC+8)

Welcome to the Web3 Gaming Hackathon 2023

2023.9.11, 13:25–13:30(UTC+8)

Introduction about ABGA and Hackathon Insight


2023.9.11, 13:30–13:40(UTC+8)

Introduction about Klaytn and lgnite on Klaytn Program


2023.9.11, 13:40–13:50(UTC+8)

Global Expansion and Local Execution for Web3 Game Markets


2023.9.11, 13:50–14:00(UTC+8)

Introduction about CESS and DApps Mass Adoption


2023.9.11, 14:00–14:10(UTC+8)

Top 10 Presentation — Lumiterra


2023.9.11, 14:10–14:28(UTC+8)

Top 10 Presentation — Seraph


2023.9.11, 14:28–14:46(UTC+8)

Top 10 Presentation — Townstory


2023.9.11, 14:46–15:04(UTC+8)

Speech by Google Cloud


2023.9.11, 15:04–15:22(UTC+8)

Top 10 Presentation — Mirror Planet

Mirror Planet

2023.9.11, 15:22–15:40(UTC+8)

How Google Cloud is Helping Web3 Startups Succeed

Google Cloud

2023.9.11, 15:40–15:50(UTC+8)

Introduction about SlowMist: the World’sLeading Blockchain Security Firm


2023.9.11, 15:50–16:00(UTC+8)

Introduction about Nulink and Empower Web3 Gaming


2023.9.11, 16:00–16:10(UTC+8)

Top 10 Presentation — Sui Game

Sui Game

2023.9.11, 16:10–16:28(UTC+8)

Top 10 Presentation — Mhaya


2023.9.11, 16:28–16:46(UTC+8)

Top 10 Presentation — Tearing Space

Tearing Space

2023.9.11, 16:46–17:04(UTC+8)

Top 10 Presentation — Arena of Faith

Arena of Faith

2023.9.11, 17:04–17:22(UTC+8)

Top 10 Presentation — Legend of Arcadia

Legend of Arcadia

2023.9.11, 17:22–17:40(UTC+8)

Speech by Cointelegraph


2023.9.11, 17:40–17:50(UTC+8)

Calculations for the final scores

2023.9.11, 17:50–18:00(UTC+8)

Award Ceremony for the Finalists

2023.9.11, 18:00 -18:30(UTC+8)

Marvelous Party By the Bay

Host: MixMarvel, Yeeha

Co-Host: Odaily, ABGA, DeGame

2023.9.11, 19:30–21:30(UTC+8)


Welcome to the Blockchain Gaming 2023

2023.9.12, 9:25–9:30(UTC+8)

Web3 Gaming Summit 2023 Report — Industrial Brief


2023.9.12, 9:30–9:40(UTC+8)

Speech 1 — Building the Open NFT Metaverse

The Sandbox

2023.9.12, 9:40–9:55(UTC+8)

Speech 2 — The Practicality of Blockchain in Web3 Gaming without GameFi Integration

AI Meta Club

2023.9.12, 9:55–10:10(UTC+8)

Speech 3 — Proof of Gaming: How Brilliantcrypto Aims to Achieve Sustainable Play-to-Earn


2023.9.12, 10:10–10:25(UTC+8)

Round Table 1 — Navigating the Future of Web3 Gaming: From Infrastructure to Community

Combo, Coinbase, OXK, Coin98, Cryptomind

2023.9.12, 10:25–11:10(UTC+8)

Speech 4 — Fun or Earnings? Unleashing GameFi’s Social Community Potential with the Soul-Bounded Wallet


2023.9.12, 11:10–11:25(UTC+8)

Speech 5 — For Gamers and Chainers

Dreams Quest

2023.9.12, 11:25–11:40(UTC+8)

Speech 6 — The Development Narrative and Future Challenges of Staking Under the Crypto Winter


2023.9.12, 11:40–11:55(UTC+8)

Rest Period\Lunch Time

2023.9.12, 11:55–13:30(UTC+8)

The Launch Ceremony of CreatorDAO

2023.9.12, 13:30–13:50(UTC+8)

Web3 Gaming Industry Trend and Grow Strategy


2023.9.12, 13:50–14:00(UTC+8)

Speech 7 — The Latest Updates on Jasmy and Insights into Jasmy Chain


2023.9.12, 14:00–14:15(UTC+8)

Speech 8 — How to Enhance the Lifecycle of Games with Web3

Planet Hares

2023.9.12, 14:15–14:30(UTC+8)

Round Table 2 — Which Game Genre is The Best Fit for Blockchain Gaming, Apecoin DAO, DeFi Kingdoms, Affyn, PlayEstates, MixMarvel

2023.9.12, 14:30–15:15(UTC+8)

Speech 9 — The Evolution of Web3 Gaming


2023.9.12, 15:15–15:30(UTC+8)

Speech 10 — Web3 Tournament / Guild Tools Solutions for Gaming and Communities


20233.9.12, 15:30–15:45(UTC+8)

Speech 11 — How Multi-chain Infrastructure Benefits Building the Blockchain Games


2023.9.12, 15:45–16:00(UTC+8)

Round Table 3 — Is There Still Demand From VCs for Web3 Gaming

Infinity Ventures Crypto, The Spartan Group, Folius Venture, Animoca Ventures, Rootz Labs

2023.9.12, 16:00–16:45(UTC+8)

Speech 12 — Building Future Web3 Game — Learning from STEPN and beyond


2023.9.12, 16:45–17:00(UTC+8)

Speech 13 — Web3 Gaming Powered by zkBridge


2023.9.12, 17:00–17:15(UTC+8)

Round Table 4 — How Public Chains Build and Support Gaming Ecosystem

Polyhedra, Sei Foundation, BNB Chain, AELF, Klaytn Foundation

2023.9.12, 17:15–18:00(UTC+8)

Speech 14 — Bridging the Gap: Leveraging Gaming for Seamless Onboarding from Web2 to Web3

Cross the Ages

2023.9.12, 18:00–18:15(UTC+8)


2023.9.12 21:30–2023.9.13 1:30(UTC+8)

Web3 Gaming Summit 2023 isn’t just another event; it’s where insights meet innovation. So, whether you’re a gaming guru, an investor, or just a fan, this is your golden ticket to the future of gaming.

Web3 gaming’s next chapter is unfolding. Click Here, and be part of this game-changing moment at Web3 Gaming Summit 2023. Can’t wait to see you there!

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