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Ubisoft is stepping back from entering the NFT Industry

Ubisoft is changing its mind about entering the NFT industry. Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, was recently interviewed by and shared his opinions on various issues. Among them was a discussion about NFTs, the blockchain, and the publisher’s role.

Guillemot said NFTs would be less of a factor in his future plans. According to the CEO, Ubisoft is now in “research mode” as it investigates the potential advantages of blockchain technology for gamers. He freely concedes that Ubisoft might have done a better job informing customers that the company was investigating the potential of NFTs. Guillemot wishes he would have waited till Ubisoft could give a “genuine advantage” before announcing that the company was working on NFTs.

In addition, Guillemot responded to claims that Ubisoft’s support for NFTs is hypocritical. Ubisoft has been active in bringing attention to climate change, but its blockchain initiatives appear at odds with this mission. But that doesn’t bother Guillemot too much since he says “new technologies will find the proper route” once refined.

Research that didn’t work

Those following Ubisoft’s news will know that the NFT market has not been kind to the company. Ubisoft introduced NFTs in Ghost Recon Breakpoint last year. Most gamers had no idea their point; therefore, they were met with a cool reception. They said that First-Person-Shooter fans don’t buy Ghost Recon to generate money. People that play games for leisure aren’t interested in the pay-to-earn approach.