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Top YouTube Channels For Crypto

Most social media users follow Youtube to gain more information about the areas they are interested in. YouTube is a user-friendly platform that provides you with videos about almost every field that too free of cost. Most of the videos also come with subtitles that would help people to understand the video in a better way. The leading YouTube Channels for Crypto.

Talking about Ethereum, an innovative contract blockchain was watched by over 231 million people from 2020 to 2021. In that period, Bitcoin was second, with over 199.9 million views. Through YouTube videos, people have learned much about Crypto and how to invest in it. 

List Of 10 Best Crypto YouTube Channels

NameDescriptionSubscribersFounder/Content Creator
BitBoy CryptoBitBoy Crypto is one of the largest crypto influencers on YouTube1.7 millionBen Armstrong
Coin BureauCoin Bureau, a.k.a. Guy, is another popular crypto influencer on YouTube worth checking out.2 millionGuy
Benjamin CowenCowen takes the HTF (high timeframe) view of the market instead of discussing the temporary noise that has proliferated crypto content buzz.744,000Benjamin Cowen
CryptosRUsCryptosRUs is a great source for industry updates, latest news, and analytics.641,000George Tung
Brian Jung24 years old, he is among the legitimate crypto influencers on YouTube, focusing on valuable advice that’s backed by research.1.16 millionBrian Jung
Data DashData Dash is one of the best YouTube crypto channels for beginners or the crypto curious who want to start investing in crypto.516,000Nicholas Merten
Ivan on TechIvan on Tech is also a go-to YouTube channel dedicated to crypto and blockchain technology.492KIvan Liljeqvist
Meet KevinMeet Kevin is a highly popular YouTube channel that offers research-backed investment advice on crypto.1.82 millionKevin Paffrath
Crypto LarkLark Davis is a YouTuber from New Zealand who has started investing in crypto during the mid 2010s.488,000Lark Davis
UnchainedThis is home to one of the largest crypto podcasts, the Unchained podcast, and a homebase to inform the public of the initiatives of journalist and author Laura Shin.42,000+Laura Shin


 Furthermore, if you search for Cryptocurrency videos, you will find over 10,000 videos about Cryptocurrency on YouTube. We can not include these many channels in our list, so we have tried to put a few top Crypto YouTube Channels for you.