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Top USA BitCoin Subreddits

We all have heard and seen about the crypto market. How it was introduced, and its current condition in the digital market. Everyone is moving toward the crypto market. Along with that, one more term that is getting popular among crypto investors is cryptocurrency subreddits. So for the people who have no idea about it, Subreddits are the different and comparatively smaller Reddit communities focused on a particular topic. 

People who are interested or have been investing in the crypto market for a very long time can follow these top USA BitCoin Subreddits that can help you stay updated about the crypto world.

List Of 10 Best USA Bitcoin Subreddits

NameStarting YearGroup MembersAbout
R/Cryptotechnology2017319,000This subreddit is the best way to satisfy a yearning for more meta conversations about cryptocurrency. Memes
R/Cryptocurrencies2020324,000This group considers itself to be the best place for learning the latest on cryptocurrencies.
R/Satoshistreetbets2020561,000This subreddit is chaotic at best. There’s no real rhyme or reason to the posts, and it doesn’t have a particular focus
CryptoArt202112Kdiscussing and sharing Crypto-art and NFT-Art.
NFTExchange201742KNFTExhange is the community where you can check out information about Awesome NFT’s and hot giveaways.
NFTgiveaway20195.5KNFTgiveaway subreddit is where you can able to find free NFT giveaways.
R/Binance2016811,000The crypto-trading platform Binance has over 25 million users, which means it’s part of most cryptocurrency traders' repertoires.
R/Cryptomarkets2018750,000While r/CryptoMarkets is enormous, it’s surprisingly comprehensible (rare for a Reddit group centered on cryptocurrency).
R/Opensea2015130,000r/OpenSea, named after the largest NFT marketplace, is mostly a space to pick up free NFTs.
R/Bitcoinbeginners2020887,000This community is home to bitcoin novices who want to get started