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Top Crypto Subreddits

We look at the internet trends, Reddit is the most used and visited platform, with more than 50 million daily active users spending an average of over 7 minutes on this platform. In addition, it is the 6th most social media platform visited in the US.  These numbers reflect the popularity of Reddit among users.

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So, if you want to invest in cryptocurrency or just want to know about it, we suggest you join a few best crypto subreddits. Crypto investors or people who want to invest in Crypto and beginners want to participate in the different conversations on Reddit. You can share your success stories and suggestions, ask questions and clear your doubts.

List Of 10 Best Crypto Subreddits

NameDescriptionMembersCountryGovt. Stake
r/BitcoinThis one of the best and biggest crypto subreddits on the platform4 millionUS1.24%
r/BtcThis subreddit is a smaller, lesser known sibling of the r/Bitcoin subreddit850,000US0.13%
r/CryptoCurrencyCryptocurrency News & Discussion is the actual name of this subreddit.4.5 millionRussia0.02%
r/BitcoinBeginnersThis subreddit has been around since 2013 and is a popular community for beginners in the crypto industry.925,000US1.10%
r/CryptoMarketsCrypto Markets is the perfect place for those who want to make money by trading.770,000Ukrain1.07%
r/EthereumFrom token updates to the latest news, you can learn about all things Ethereum in this community.1 millionUS8.77%
r/RippleRipple is one of the first altcoins to get popular apart from bitcoin.345,000Germany2%
r/BinanceBinace is the largest exchange in terms of crypto trading volume.830,000US5.62%
r/CoinBaseThis is among the very first crypto exchanges and a popular choice for traders.205,000US0.23%
r/CryptoGeneralif you are an absolute beginner in the crypto domain, this is a good subreddit to get relevant information.69,000UK1%


 Reddit offers endless and crazy opportunities for crypto. However, as many crypto subreddits/ communities exist, you must identify the best ones. So, let’s learn about the Top Crypto Subreddits, their success stories, and why you should follow them.