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33T Coins Disappear in a Flash—BabyDoge Community Lights It Up Without a Burn Portal!

The BabyDoge community is on fire! (Literally!) Over 33 trillion tokens were recently burned in a 24-hour blaze, bringing the project closer to its goal of reducing the token’s total supply and boosting its intrinsic value. Burn BabyDoge, a community Twitter analytics tool, was quick to tweet about the sizzling success. The official BabyDoge handle chimed in too, saying that the burns are blazing on even without the official burn portal being launched yet.

Some Blazing Stats

CryptEye, a crypto analytics platform, reported that 699.5 trillion tokens have gone up in smoke in the past month, with 100.3 trillion burned just last week. Further the total cumulative burns now stand at a mind-blowing 201.3 quadrillion tokens, which is 47.94% of the asset’s total supply of 420 quadrillions.

The community wants to fan the flames of the burn rate even more, so the BabyDoge development team came up with the brilliant idea of a dedicated BABYDOGE burn portal. Community members can burn their tokens and receive incentives, like discounts on future BABYDOGE purchases.

The Burn Portal is Coming 

The team revealed their plans three weeks ago and just last week announced they’ve finished building the portal. They revealed that users who burn their tokens on the portal will get a smokin’ hot deal – the chance to buy BABYDOGE at a discounted rate. It’s launching soon, so get ready to feel the heat!

There’s more sizzle coming from BabyDoge! The project has recently partnered with 1inch, a decentralized aggregator, and BabyDogeSwap, the project’s DEX, hit a new all-time high in liquidity with $39.5M locked. BABYDOGE is currently trading at $0.000000001461, down 4.18% in the past 24 hours. So hold onto your wallets and get ready for some fiery fun!