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Top Crypto Influencers In New York

With the day-by-day increasing popularity of Cryptocurrency, people are showing more interest in crypto trading. So today, you will see articles about the best New York Crypto Influencers, investments in cryptocurrencies, etc., all over the internet. 

Still, people are confused about it or say they still don’t have complete knowledge about it. Therefore, cryptocurrency influencers can help beginner investors. If you are also confused about crypto investments, you can follow these crypto influencers and clear your doubts.

List Of 10 Best New York Crypto Influencers

Elon Musk92Minvestments , business and technology , strong influencerTesla
Vitalik Buterin3.9Mcrypto expertsEthereum
Adam Back464kinventor of HashcashBlockstream
Andreas Antonopoulos726kenthusiast and educator , crypto analystsTech entrepreneur
WhalePanda297kadopters of BitcoinPandaWhale
Camila Russo83kcontent creator financeThe Defiant
Sara Trojanowska56.8kcrypto advocatesAltcoin buzz ladies
Changpeng Zhao5.9Mtrading ,cryptocurrenciesBinance
Tim Draper230kBitcoin and blockchain technologyDraper Fisher Jurvetson
Lea Thompson203kcrypto enthusiast ,blockchain technologyBrent Renaud


Crypto influencers make money in a lot of ways. They get offers for paid sponsorships, promoting educational products and sessions, etc. Their audience size can be a reflection of their success. We have a list of Top New York Crypto Influencers for you that you can follow.