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The First Blockchain Bootcamp at Binance Has Graduated 300 African Women

After launching Binance’s first blockchain Bootcamp in March 2022, 300 women from all over Africa have graduated. Three thousand women applied for the Bootcamp, and three hundred were selected.  Binance and Utiva created the 8-week Bootcamp to provide blockchain education, tools, and skills to women in Africa. In addition, Utiva provides digital skills training to young people.

How and Why Did This Start?

Binance states that its commitment to promoting crypto literacy for women is motivated by the fact that women are still disproportionately underrepresented in the field. Global Crypto User Index shows that 95% of cryptocurrency users are male, so Binance states that 95% of cryptocurrency users are male. Therefore, African women had the opportunity to network and gain knowledge at the Bootcamp about blockchain technology.

The course covers blockchain technology fundamentals, cryptocurrency trading, and practical applications of blockchain. After the hybrid-model lectures, the participants demonstrated real-world products developed from their Bootcamp learnings. A certificate was given to all successful competitors, and a financial award was given to the winning team.

“Blockchain technology has seen rapid adoption in recent years, as more and more organizations and individuals have adopted more modern methods. Despite this, Binance remains committed to solving the gender disparity in this revolution. 

Hannes Wessels, Binance’s country lead for South Africa, commented: “I am honored to be empowering more African women to succeed in the blockchain sector.

As part of the company’s mission to promote blockchain use and expand financial services access, Binance offers women the chance to study, acquire skills, and be a part of the blockchain’s technological revolution.

The Binance team continues to believe in the importance of blockchain education, and we are committed to helping more women gain access to this game-changing technology through educational initiatives, networking opportunities for women in blockchain, and upskilling courses, the company added.