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Top 5 metaverse crypto to watch out for in 2022

This decade is all about crypto and its various use-cases. As an investment to trade digital assets like non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrencies have managed to touch a 3 trillion USD market cap in a short span of time. When Meta (formerly Facebook) invested 10 billion USD in a metaverse, the world knew the future was here. The metaverse is a virtual or digital version of the real world. Users can buy and sell land, create their avatars, work, travel, and even play within these worlds.

Sounds cool, right?

But how do we access the metaverse?[1] 

Metaverse Cryptos are tokens that can be used to purchase digital assets within the metaverse. With everyone rushing to get a piece of the metaverse cake, here are the top 5 metaverse tokens to watch out for in 2022.

  1. AXS[2] 

Tracing gains of over 14000%, everyone wants to buy Axie Infinity’s token AXS, a top performer since early 2021. It operates on a unique play-to-earn gameplay where players collect, raise & breed Axies to fight other Axies (monsters in the game). Tokens earned within the game can be used in the game or monetized in a marketplace as well.

  1. ETH[3] 

One of the most active blockchain networks around the world is Ethereum. Its multiple decentralised applications have been gaining popularity since 2015 with a more or less stable value, unlike most other cryptocurrencies. The Etherum network also developed the predominant ERC-20 standard, which most tokens currently follow. Ethereum’s token ETH has dominated the NFT trend. With its upcoming updates on the network, Ether (ETH) has the potential of being the go-to token of choice for the metaverse.

  1. SAND[4] 

SAND is the primary utility token of Sandbox, one of the most popular yet exclusive virtual worlds. This token also becomes a popular choice for investors with gains of around 13000%. What makes this world unique is that players can develop their own games as NFTs. The token can also be used to buy, hold and sell pieces of digital land and even rent them. With a host of original features, there might be no stopping the rising popularity of SAND, the Sandbox crypto, even in 2022.

  1. GALA[5] 

Gala is another play-to-earn gaming platform that offers partial ownership and control to the players holding the token GALA. Within the GALA Games ecosystem, which is a blockchain gaming platform, GALA is the medium of exchange between players. Experts consider GALA to be a lucrative long-term investment.

  1. MANA[6] 

Decentraland’s unique prospect of executing its software updates through smart contracts allows those who buy MANA to vote on the future direction of this project. Though the trade of digital real estate on Decentraland is through their NFT called LAND, the underlying price is decided by the token MANA. Unlike Sandbox, Decentraland is also more open to a global audience and uses the foundation of virtual reality to allow players to purchase land and develop mazes, casinos, galleries, etc., using tools. Decentraland also hosted the first-ever 4-day VR music festival attended by Deadmau5, 3LaU, Paris Hilton, and 80 top artists from the music industry. Needless to say, 2022 could set out to be a wonderful year for MANA.

With the rapid rise of the metaverse and related projects, investors have a lot of options. From gaming to owning virtual pieces of land, there is much to explore within the metaverse in the coming years, making it an attractive space for long-term investments.

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Stay tuned for more interesting reads on metaverse, Web3.0, and blockchain technology!