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Tokenhack: The Premier Global Blockchain Hackathon

Tokenhack, an innovative virtual blockchain hackathon, is scheduled to occur from September 11th to September 15th, uniting skilled developers and managers from various parts of the world. This exceptional event is highly recommended for individuals passionate about technology and esteemed professionals in the blockchain field, as it serves as a platform for the most brilliant minds to come together.

Organised by the team at Aspire Solutions (TR) company, the main objective of this event is to gather individuals from diverse backgrounds in order to collaboratively devise practical solutions to global issues.

Having the hackathon event together with the Token2049 Singapore conference, aims to fully utilise the potential of blockchain technology in a respectful manner, and give participants a valuable opportunity to immerse themselves in the latest industry trends and insights. We also applaud and recognise singapore as a hub for rapid innovation, and want to be a part of this energy and ecosystem!

Event Partnerships

Our Partnerships play a crucial role in TokenHack’s uniqueness as they bring together partners from various parts of the world. These valuable partnerships strive to create an environment that encourages participants to explore the limitless possibilities of blockchain technology in a creative and inclusive manner.


The event is made possible by the generous support of our sponsor, Cyberscope. Cyberscope is a highly respected company specialising in smart contracts audit and security. They have successfully collaborated with esteemed companies such as coingecko, coinmarketcap, and polygon, among others. 

Additionally, Mr Thanos and his team at Cyberscope adds to the participants’ motivation by providing enticing rewards and recognition for exceptional projects.

Media and Community Partners

In addition, Tokenhack is proud of having a couple of media powerhouses that can reach Millions of people monthly.

We are also proud to be working with blockchain communities in terms of hundreds of thousands from all over the world all thanks to its esteemed Media Partners, community partners, such as BitcoinWorld, thenewscrypto,, Association for Blockchain Asia, metaverse space as well as several other special KOLS and DAOs. 

These exceptional partners will actively assist in promoting and showcasing the event to a worldwide audience, expanding its impact and ensuring a vibrant and inclusive community of blockchain enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds.


We kindly invite you to register for Tokenhack, as registration is now open. Participants can visit the official website to sign up and gain more information about the event’s agenda and rules. 

We are delighted to inform you that there are already over 100 developers from various parts of the world who have registered. We sincerely urge you not to miss this opportunity.

For media inquiries and sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at; [email protected]

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