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The first-ever mixed reality Metaverse classroom to be launched by Hong Kong University

A university in Hong Kong has revealed its plans to install Metaverse technology in the classrooms to offer their students a virtual reality experience.

The motive of the Science and Technology University of Hong Kong is to indulge their students in immersive studies and understanding of various subjects. The Chair Professor of Computational Media and Arts of the Guangzhou Campus—Pan Hui—will inaugurate the virtual reality classrooms on September 1st, 2022.

The professor also said that they will be hosting mixed reality technology over the Metaverse platform, as a lot of their guests are from overseas and wouldn’t be able to attend the opening ceremony physically.

A big step taken by Hong Kong University for their students

During the COVID pandemic situation and also in the post-COVID era, many universities deem it better to conduct online classes through Zoom and Google Meet App. Although students are now somewhat accustomed to attending classes online, the interactive studies of classroom teaching are still lacking.

Therefore, the Chair Professor of the Guangzhou Campus of the Science and Technology University of Hong Kong has favored Metaverse classroom teaching. He sternly believes that despite conducting the classes in the online medium, a mix of virtual reality through Metaverse will be bound to offer their students interactive learning—resembling the classroom sessions.

Hui also stated that with the help of Virtual Reality, not only the students but also the teachers will have a feeling of being present in the situation, even if they are physically in different geographic locations. And how the teachers will be able to interact with their pupils will also have a huge impact on the learning outcome.