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Shiba Inu Partners with IWB to Support Women Into Blockchain

The Metaverse project Shiba Inu, led by project leader Shytoshi Kusama, has established a strategic partnership with NowPayments and IWB (International Women of Blockchain) to further advance women’s participation within the blockchain sector. 

On Thursday, IWB released an official press statement announcing a new collaboration to support gender inclusivity for the Web3 sector. This initiative seeks to motivate better female engagement, while also striving to foster a more diverse web3 environment for all. 

A recent study demonstrated that only 5 out of 141 cryptocurrency-focused entities had female founders, highlighting the need to encourage female involvement in the sector.

IWB Leveraging NowPayments

The International Women of Blockchain Conference is a pioneering and vibrant event that celebrates Women’s History Month. It’s an IWB-organized gathering that upholds diversity, equity, and inclusivity within the Web3 blockchain sector.  

NowPayments, a non-custodial payment gateway, enables businesses and individuals to securely accept more than 160 crypto assets, which include Shiba Inu,  Ethereum, and even Bitcoin.

Now, with this alliance, IWB will try to leverage NowPayments to gain more donations. A NowPayments button for donations has already been integrated into the IWB website.

Shytoshi Kusama Spearheading the Partnership

Recently, Shytoshi Kusama and a group of partners have come together to launch a fund with an initial contribution of $25,000 from Kusama. This fund is dedicated to increasing female participation in Shibarium, and with additional contributions from NFA Labs, Marcie Jastrow, Lisa Watts, Sherri Cuono, and Unification, it has now reached $50,000. With this new partnership, they are aiming to grow the Shibwomen community.