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Shanghai International Film Festival Unveils New Metaverse Roadshow Center

This June, the Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) will be hosting a cool metaverse roadshow center, open to the public to experience cutting-edge technology and explore the future of entertainment in the metaverse.

About the Festival 

The 25th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) and 28th Shanghai TV Festival will be held concurrently at the Metafilm Metaverse Roadshow Center, as announced by the organizer on Monday. This provides a unique platform for industry professionals to explore and engage with the latest developments in the film and television industry.

Users can access the Metafilm App to create their own virtual persona and explore a variety of roles, including director, screenwriter, and actor, as well as use a simulated red carpet in a metaverse. Interested individuals are invited to download the app and experience the unique possibilities of creating a unique digital identity.

Furthermore, users can also access the latest information on both festivals from the app and experience a top-notch film and television poster exhibition, virtually “walk” the red carpet and engage with digital avatars.

About Metafilm

Metafilm is a joint venture between the Shanghai Cultural Assets Exchange, Shanghai International Film & Television Festival Center along with Data Chain (Shanghai) Cultural Development Corporate Limited. Through Shanghai’s dedication to becoming a major cultural hub, the SIFF, established in 1993, has already become quite a renowned international event.