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Rumors of Amazon’s Entry into the NFT Market Intensify as Marketplace Expected to Launch Next Month

In recent months, news about the e-commerce giant Amazon’s foray into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has been gaining traction. Over the next three months, speculation will likely increase as rumors for the potential launch of an Amazon NFT marketplace continue to circulate.


A Brand New Amazon Marketplace

New reports have surfaced this week, providing further details on the upcoming launch of Amazon’s NFT marketplace, which is expected to take place in late April. It has been speculated that NFTs could be used for customer deliveries, and this could be the most significant application of the technology to date. Additionally, Amazon is said to be considering developing its own private blockchain for this purpose. 

These recent developments demonstrate the positive attitude of Amazon towards NFT technology, and the potential it has to revolutionize the way customers interact with their products.

The Story of NFT Marketplaces until Now!

Companies such as Reddit and Starbucks have implemented initiatives utilizing Polygon’s white-label solutions to onboard users in an efficient manner. And if there is any truth to these recent rumors, Amazon’s usage of NFTs could take such engagement and utility to the next level.

Moreover, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has revealed his expectations that NFTs will continue to grow at a significant rate and that Amazon may potentially adopt cryptocurrency payments in the future. This year holds the potential for Amazon to make a move in this direction and embrace the increased use of cryptocurrencies. Earlier in the year, Amazon joined forces with Avalanche, and it is yet to be seen if Avalanche will persist as the blockchain of choice for this new venture.