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Pune, India Sets a New Standard with Blockchain Technology

Pune introduces blockchain property registration, records a spike in on-line registrations in Pune.

Key Points

  • Pune, an Indian city, is implementing blockchain technology to combat fraudulent activities in land registration.
  • The property registration department of the state is in the last phase of adopting blockchain technology to prevent the replication of original online agreement documents. 
  • Maharashtra is the pioneer state that has facilitated e-registrations of first-sale property.

India has achieved yet another milestone in its adoption of blockchain technology with the recent announcement of the property registration department in Pune integrating the technology. The move is aimed at preventing the duplication of online agreement documents and reducing fraud.

Through the use of distributed ledgers, all land transactions will be recorded on blockchain, allowing potential buyers and financial institutions to access relevant information on properties. This move is expected to resolve many issues, making it beneficial to citizens, according to Abhishek Deshmukh, a senior official at the registry.

About the Blockchain Registration 

As per Deshmukh, the blockchain registration of property transactions has been in the works since 2022 and has recorded multiple successes along the way. He revealed that the agency is moving closer to a significant public rollout in the near future, with a few last-minute checks pending.

Based on the pilot project, the land registry will generate a unique string of numbers for uploaded documents that will serve multiple functions. The first function will enable easy identification of documents without stamps and signatures, while the second will assist banks in detecting any tampering with land documents.

The progress made so far in this initiative is a clear indication of how blockchain technology can help streamline processes and enhance transparency in various industries. This development in Pune is a significant step toward revolutionizing the real estate sector in India, and it will be exciting to see the positive impact it will have on the country’s economy as a whole.

The plan to introduce blockchain in land registrations appears to focus on the first sale units from developers without eliminating other forms of land transactions. Currently, industry players are recording a spike in online registrations of first-sale units in Pune.

The Government Initiative 

In Maharashtra, India, blockchain technology is set to revolutionize the registration of land transactions through public ledgers. This move is expected to bring about synergy across all industry layers, and the state’s Department of Registration and Stamps has confirmed that top financial institutions will be on board to promote this initiative.

India has made no secret of its desire to become a blockchain hub in Southeast Asia. In addition to land registries, several government agencies are looking to blockchain to improve their processes, including New Delhi officials who are using it for forensic investigations.