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ProjectX Announces Revolutionary Platform to Unlock $100 Trillion Data Economy

San Francisco, CA, October 11, 2023 — ProjectX, a groundbreaking tech start-up specializing in Web3 solutions, today announced ambitious plans to reinvent finance in Southeast Asia (SEA) and then globally by unlocking an estimated $100 trillion in untapped data value in the next 2 to 5 years. The company’s decentralized platform is powered by a new class of digital currency, $PRX, that is accessed via ProjectX’s blockchain-enabled browser, giving every user Web3 access.

Acting as a bridge between the digital and mainstream economy, ProjectX has garnered significant traction in SEA’s leading economy—Indonesia. The Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (KADIN) is in the process of whitelisting ProjectX’s bridging token, $PXC, as one of only 380 legal cryptocurrencies in the nation. This noteworthy endorsement aims to facilitate the adoption of PXC and PRX to address the liquidity and asset needs of Indonesian businesses and consumers.

The unique utility and stability of PXC set it apart from other cryptocurrencies. The token serves as the gateway between ProjectX’s burgeoning internal economy, termed the ‘exonomy,’ and the traditional financial systems. Kadin’s support is targeted at maintaining Indonesia’s position as SEA’s largest economy and sets the stage for ProjectX’s expansion throughout Asia and globally within the next 12 to 18 months.

One of the standout features of ProjectX’s platform is its patent-pending AI data algorithms that back PRX. The algorithms are engineered to create a direct link between production factors and the asset/currency, making PRX a stable and efficient medium of exchange. These features position ProjectX as a game-changer in addressing major funding shortfalls, including Indonesia’s RPJPN 2005-2025 agenda and more broadly, the global 2030/2050/60 agendas.

ProjectX’s technology suite allows financial institutions and crypto exchanges to mitigate risks associated with poor governance, market instability, and liquidity issues. The technology has already demonstrated its viability with an early prototype launched on multiple platforms, including Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, having received positive early feedback from industry beta testers, ahead of a projected Q1 2024 MVP launch.

The team behind ProjectX comprises multi-disciplinary experts, including former Fortune 500 tech leaders, tokenomists, AI and Web3 specialists. Collectively, the principals have been responsible for creating over $500 million in digital assets in the past 18 months.

About ProjectX

ProjectX is a cutting-edge technology firm focused on unlocking the untapped value in data generated by online activity. The company’s decentralized platform is powered by a new digital currency and asset class, $PRX, that is accessed via ProjectX’s blockchain-enabled browser, giving every user Web3 access.

With significant traction in Indonesia and plans for global expansion, ProjectX is poised to revolutionize the way data is valued and utilized.

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For more information or to get whitelisted (only eight slots remaining in this round), please visit ProjectXCoin or contact Tony via email at [email protected].

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