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OKX Launches Trading Competition with 2 Million USDT Prize

OKX unveils its largest trading competition, offering 2 million USDT and a Tesla Model 3, part of its “Trade Like a Pro” campaign.

Key Points

  • OKX announces its largest trading competition with a prize pool of 2 million USDT and a Tesla Model 3 up for grabs.
  • The competition focuses on USDT perpetual contracts and follows a team-based format.
  • Additional prizes like Apple Watch S8s, Airpods Pros, iPhone 15 Pros, and more will be unlocked if it attracts over 25,000 participants.
  • OKX’s “Trade Like a Pro” campaign aims to establish itself as the top choice for traders through this competition and user testimonials.

OKX, a global Web3 technology company and crypto exchange, has recently announced its largest trading competition to date.

The competition, part of the company’s “Trade Like a Pro” campaign, will offer participants a chance to win a prize pool exceeding 2 million USDT and a Tesla Model 3.

Focusing on trading USDT perpetual contracts, the competition is set to begin on September 20.

Team-Based Competition with Eligibility Criteria

To promote community engagement, the competition will be conducted in a team-based format.

OKX affiliates who have completed their KYC process can apply to become team leaders, while users must hold at least 100 USDT in assets to qualify as team members.

The first 200 qualified participants to register will receive a 10 USDT contract voucher.

Registration for team members is open from September 8 to October 3, and team leaders can register until September 20. The competition will take place from September 20 to October 3.

 Unlockable Prizes for Mass Participation

If the competition attracts more than 25,000 qualified participants, additional prizes will be made available. These prizes include Apple Watch S8s, Airpods Pros, iPhone 15 Pros, and the Tesla Model 3.

At the end of the competition, a prize pool of up to 1.5 million USDT will be distributed among the top 20 teams based on their profit and loss percentage (PnL%).

The top 15 individual traders will also receive 500,000 USDT based on their PnL%.

Furthermore, the team leader who gathers the highest number of team members will be rewarded with up to 16,000 USDT.

Strategic Move in OKX’s Brand Campaign

Haider Rafique, OKX Global Chief Marketing Officer, explained that this trading competition is the next step in their ongoing “Trade Like a Pro” campaign.

The goal of the campaign is to establish OKX as the go-to platform for the best traders. By bringing together top talent in the OKX trading grounds, this competition aims to showcase the platform’s capabilities.

The “Trade Like a Pro” campaign was initially launched on August 14 and featured real users sharing their experiences with OKX products in 45- and 15-second video spots.

OKX’s trading competition promises exciting opportunities for traders to demonstrate their skills and earn substantial rewards.

With a large prize pool and the chance to win a Tesla Model 3, participants have ample motivation to engage in the competition.

As the event unfolds, it will be interesting to see the impact it has on the OKX brand and the community it serves.