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NFTFN Breaks Bitcoin Boundaries: Set to Launch World’s 1st Perp Platform for Bitcoin Ordinals Soon

Today signifies a significant shift in the digital asset landscape, as NFTFN, a leading force in Web3 infrastructure for Blue-Chip NFTs, prepares to introduce the world’s 1st perpetual trading platform designed specifically for Ordinals and Inscriptions.

The upcoming launch of this platform not only marks a substantial milestone but also opens up a realm of possibilities for traders, collectors, and enthusiasts to actively engage in this burgeoning yet swiftly expanding ecosystem.

Revolutionizing Digital Assets

Bitcoin Ordinals and Inscriptions emerge as a game-changer in the digital asset space. By directly embedding unique digital artifacts (NFTs) onto the Bitcoin blockchain, they offer an unparalleled level of permanence and authenticity, surpassing traditional NFTs on other chains. This inherent value has sparked community interest, resulting in a surge in transaction volumes and heightened user engagement.

NFTFN Leading the Way with Ordinals Perp

Recognizing the immense potential, NFTFN takes a bold step forward with its innovative NFTFN Ordinals Perp platform. This unique offering empowers users to leverage long or short positions on baskets of Ordinals, hold positions for flexible durations, and ensure unmatched security and transparency through Bitcoin’s blockchain.

Why Opt for NFTFN Ordinals Perp?

Having successfully disrupted the NFT Perpetual Market with SuperNova(SNV), NFTFN demonstrates a proven ability to revolutionize emerging markets. Positioned as a Web3 leader, NFTFN consistently pushes boundaries, unlocking new possibilities. Additionally, NFTFN places a strong emphasis on fostering a vibrant community, ensuring that users actively contribute to the platform’s evolution.

A Gateway to ‘Everything Perps’

The imminent launch of NFTFN Ordinals Perp goes beyond a mere technological achievement; it acts as a catalyst for a future where digital assets seamlessly integrate, presenting unprecedented opportunities for growth and value creation for traders and the Web3 community.

Abhishek Kumar Gupta, Co-founder of NFTFN, notes, “From the moment Ordinals emerged, we at NFTFN recognized their explosive potential as a game-changing asset class. We estimate that the Ordinals market is poised for a $4.5 billion boom, and we’ve meticulously tailored NFTFN to reflect that growth and our ambition.”

Looking ahead beyond Ordinals Perps, Abhishek adds, “RWA Perp and Crypto Perp are on the horizon. NFTFN is positioned to become the one-stop platform for trading ‘everything,’ not just NFTs.”

NFTFN is set to evolve into the ‘Trade Everything Perps’, offering its trading community innovative and diverse investment opportunities.

About NFTFN:

NFTFN is a pioneering Perpetual platform, envisioning a comprehensive hub for perpetual trading, aptly named “Trade Everything Perps.”

Their mission is to establish a universal perp trading platform that transcends traditional boundaries, catering to a diverse range of asset classes, including NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, Ordinals, RWAs, and beyond.