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MiniSHIB: A Meme Coin With A True Purpose Towards Animal Welfare

Cryptocurrency is flourishing and is also becoming a means to make passive money. Even though it was originally created as a medium of exchange for money and other assets, crypto as a currency is finding its place in the world. It is also one of the biggest communities full of enthusiasts who are real investors and holders. Crypto enthusiasts are all over Reddit and Twitter, commenting, sharing their opinions and most importantly making memes. Meme making, even though started for hysterical reasons, has become a major method of marketing. The main building block behind the crypto world is its communities. The people are the ones who provide holdership and liquidity to these.
Meme coins are like the celebrities of crypto. They are always on the news with some sort of trend and are also experts in marketing. The mainstream of marketing for meme coins is influencer marketing. Popular celebrities and business people invest in meme coins and help in bettering them even though most do it for hysterical reasons. Everyone knows about Dogecoin and its price literally depends on the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk. Not all cryptos have whales like this and most even have anti-whale systems to protect their price floor. 
Here is a meme coin that actively advocates animal rights, promotes a positive community in addition to functioning as crypto.

What is MiniSHIB?

MiniShib is a cryptocurrency that had once been in the rear end of the charts. Today it is on top of the world with a real-life cause to exist. It is a cryptocurrency with a meaning and functions as a community. MiniSHIB was not always like this and after it found its purpose even Elon Musk himself had acclaimed it and MiniSHIB got a “ticket to the moon”. It has interactive and engaging content to actively involve its audience into doing good and to have gratifying fun ultimately. It raises funds and provides aid to animal shelters, animal welfare charities and others that are voted on by the MiniSHIB community. 

MiniSHIB for Charity 

MiniSHIB is a great example for a crypto that is completely devoted to its community. For miniSHIB it is all about giving back rather than trying to hoard more. Every day, its ecosystem strives to build the best community that radiates positivity and involves active members who are crucial for the evolution and development of MiniSHIB. Even if people do not join miniSHIB for crypto, they do it for charity works and to be a part of something so authentic and selfless. Animals have consciousness too and it is heartbreaking to see our fellow earth beings devoid of homes and basic necessities. Through miniSHIB they find a way back to their home or to a new home and to a new family. 
MiniSHIB focuses more on animal welfare and safety as the mascot and the inspiration behind the coin is an animal and morally the project contributes to what it represents. But, it’s never going to limit charitable actions to just that. As the community grows day-by-day, the team of miniSHIB hope to expand their helping hands even further. The community has democratic voting rights to pick and choose the charities that they want to contribute to. The donations for charity are reserved in the marketing wallet.  

How To Buy MiniSHIB?

Step 1- Log into
Download the Trustwallet interface from and sign into it. It is a widely trusted app and is constantly used in the DeFi market. Keep your account safe and do not expose your credentials. 
Step 2- Add to your wallet
Fill your wallet by buying BNB or BSC (Binance SMart Chain). The two coins are supported by the Binance Smart Chain. Since miniSHIB is also a BEP20 token, you have to have tokens supported by BSC. 
Step 3 – Enable Trustwallet
Log into PancakeSwap. Type the URL in a browser: Trust//browser_enable Open in Trust Wallet 
Step 4 – Exchange your coins for MiniSHIB
MiniSHIB is enabled in PancakeSwap which is an exchange app that has the provision to swap BNB with other crypto coins. Select the target currency and type in the contact address. That is all one has to do in order to own miniSHIB. 

Other Features Of MiniSHIB

  • miniSHIB Swap

miniSHIB swap is the official and authorised decentralised exchange (DEX). Using miniSHIB one can swap any BEP20 token for another BEP20. miniSHIB swap is powered by PancakeSwape which is one of the most trusted and most used decentralised exchanges in the world. miniSHIB swap is a base to all the other extra features that will be built on the ecosystem in the future which will be available exclusively to miniSHIB holders. 

  • miniSHIB NFT Marketplace

miniSHIB NFT marketplace is a place dedicated entirely to the versatility of NFTs. NFTs have become the new way of holding assets. People are now boasting about owning a property in a corner of the internet. No one ever thought that one day we will pay for and invest in pixels. miniSHIB has dedicated a slot for NFTs where users can buy and sell meme NFTs. it is very easy to use despite NFTs being a relatively new concept to crypto holders. It has low fees and one-click minting. Artists can really exploit NFT to create and sell their arts and as miniSHIB says, it was built “for artists by artists”. 

  • miniSHIB Casino

As mentioned before, miniSHIB is a place for both fun and purpose. It has a special gaming place for users to have a good time and to test their luck. It has quite a lot of casino games like SLots, Baccarat, Blackjack and more. There are also rewards for those who win and at the end of the day it serves as a safe and fun place to relax. 

  • miniSHIB Card Pay

This is one of the features that sets miniSHIB apart from other cryptos and other meme coins. miniSHIB supports credit card payment for purchasing cryptos. Not many cryptos have this at this point. This payment method is supported for directed transactions on the website. 

Tokenomics of MiniSHIB

The total supply is 100,000,000,000,000,000. 5% out of every transaction will be taken to be added to the liquidity pool. Another 5% of each and every transaction will be redistributed to the holders. The token distribution is done in an economic way to get the most out of the supply. 60% will be used for initial burn. 1% is for airdrop and 9% for ecosystem. 30% out of the lot is for the liquidity pool in PancakeSwap. 
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