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MicroStrategy Purchases Additional 301 Bitcoins

Michael Saylor recently shared in a tweet on Tuesday that MicroStrategy (MSTR) purchased 301 BTC between August 2 and September 19 for about $6 million.

The statement said that the software business co-founded by entrepreneur and cryptocurrency enthusiast Michael Saylor purchased the world’s biggest crypto at an average cost of $19,851 per coin. MicroStrategy has become well-known as a bitcoin holder, having added the cryptocurrency to its reserves. At the current exchange rate of $30,639 per bitcoin, the company has acquired about 130,000 bitcoins at a total cost of $3.98 billion.

Saylor’s Microstrategy now has more bitcoin (BTC) than any publicly traded company. The trustee from the Mt. Gox bankruptcy trial allegedly possesses 141,686 BTC, which will be paid out to creditors at some point in the future. Galaxy Digital Holdings, also on the stock market, comes in at number two with almost 40,000 BTC in reserves, behind only Microstrategy.

Regarding private enterprises, Mt. Gox is one of two private organizations that own more Bitcoin than Microstrategy. The EOS development team,, has around 140,000 BTC in the bitcoin treasury as of right now. When Microstrategy announced that it had acquired 301 bitcoins, many individuals took to social media to share their thoughts on the transaction.