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Jasmy Lab teams up with Kana Labs to boost JasmyCoin and IoT

Jasmy Lab partners with Kana Labs to expand the Jasmy ecosystem, enabling cross-chain accessibility, and jointly market in key regions, aiming to revolutionize blockchain and IoT industries.

Key Points

  • Jasmy Lab partners with Kana Labs to expand the Jasmy ecosystem and promote global growth in blockchain and IoT industries.
  • Kana Labs provides specialized SDKs to enable cross-chain accessibility for JasmyCoin (JASMY) and integration of private and public chains, enhancing efficiency and security.
  • Joint marketing efforts will target Korean, Indian, Western, and Japanese markets, with both companies benefiting from market outreach.
  • The partnership between Jasmy Lab and Kana Labs has the potential to reshape the blockchain and IoT landscape, revolutionizing these rapidly evolving sectors.

In an exciting development for the blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) industries, Jasmy Lab has announced its partnership with Kana Labs.

The collaboration aims to expand the Jasmy ecosystem and promote the global growth of both projects.

Strategic Collaboration for Mutual Enhancement

Jasmy Lab, a company at the forefront of IoT and data sovereignty, has partnered with Kana Labs, a leader in Web3 and blockchain infrastructure.

The primary objective of this collaboration is to expand the Jasmy ecosystem, leveraging the unique strengths of both companies and mutually enhancing their global footprint.

Kana Labs will be providing its specialized Account Abstraction SDK, called Mirai and Web3 Middleware SDK, to Jasmy Lab.

This technology will facilitate cross-chain accessibility for JasmyCoin (JASMY) and seamlessly integrate Jasmy Lab private chains with public chains.

The integration of these technologies could set a new standard for how blockchain and IoT can work together, ensuring greater efficiency and security.

Market Outreach to Key Regions

As part of the partnership, joint marketing efforts will be undertaken to bolster the presence of Jasmy Lab in the Korean, Indian, and Western markets.

In return, Jasmy Lab will assist Kana Labs in their expansion into the Japanese market, opening new avenues for both companies.

HARA, the CEO of Jasmy Lab, expressed optimism about the partnership, stating that Kana Labs will play a pivotal role in enhancing the utility of their token, a significant aspect of Jasmy’s roadmap.

Karthik Subramaniam, CEO of Kana Labs, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the potential for extending their use cases into the IoT sector and the Japanese market.

The partnership between Jasmy Lab and Kana Labs goes beyond a regular alliance. It has the potential to redefine the landscape of blockchain and IoT technologies.

With high expectations for mutual growth and success, this collaboration could serve as a blueprint for future partnerships in these rapidly evolving sectors.

Concluding Thoughts

Jasmy Lab has been actively expanding its Jasmy ecosystem in recent times. They recently launched Jasmy Chain, a Layer 2 solution based on Ethereum, aimed at data transparency and security.

In addition, Jasmy Lab entered into a strategic business agreement with PiLab and partnered with DWF Labs to promote the global expansion of the IoT blockchain sector.

The partnership between Jasmy Lab and Kana Labs is poised to fuel the development and adoption of blockchain and IoT technologies on a global scale.

With their cutting-edge solutions and collaborative efforts, these companies are set to revolutionize industries and lead the way towards a more interconnected future.