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Interview with Director of Sales & Marketing of XAct Rewards Jodfy Johny

Today we have the Director of Sales & Marketing of XActRewards, Mr. JodfyJohny, to tell us more about XActRewards and what inspires him to work on such a type of project. However, before diving into the question and answer session, let’s first understand whatXActRewards is?…

XAct Rewards Questions

1. Can you explain the concept of “Web3.0 Blockchain Rewards for Real – World Connections” and how it applies to XAct Rewards?

“Web 3.0 Blockchain Rewards for Real-World Connections” refers to the integrationof Blockchain technology and the principles of Web 3.0 to incentivize and reward real-world interactions and connections. It represents a paradigm shifi in the way online platforms and applications engage with users and provide value.

In the context of XAct Rewards, this concept manifests in the following ways:

Blockchain Technology: XAct Rewards leverages Blockchain technology, which provides a decentralized and transparent infrastructure for recording and verifying transactions. By utilizing Blockchain, XActRewards ensures the integrity and immutability of reward transactions, enhancing trust and security.

Real-World Interactions: XActRewards aims to bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds by rewarding users for the irreal-world interactions. Whether it’s making purchases at local merchants, attending events, or participating in activities, XAct Rewards incentivizes users to engage in meaningful connections beyond the digital realm.

Decentralized Rewards: Traditional loyalty programs ofien come with limitations and restrictions on reward redemption .XAct Rewards disrupts this model by offering decentralized rewards on the Blockchain. Users can earn rewards in the form of tokens that hold real value and can be redeemed across a network of participating merchants and partners.

Web3.0 Principles: Web3.0 embodies the vision of amore decentralized, user-centricinternet, where individuals have more control over their data and online experiences. XAct Rewards aligns with these principles by empowering users to own their reward tokens, control their data, and engage in a peer-to-peer network without intermediaries.

enhanced User Engagement: By incorporating Blockchain rewards for real-worldconnections, XActRewards incentivizes users to actively participate in the platform.Usersaremotivatedtoexplorelocalbusinesses,attendevents,andengagewiththecommunity,creatingavibrantecosystemofmeaningfulinteractionsandtransactions.

Overall, the concept of “Web 3.0 Blockchain Rewards for Real-World Connections”represents a paradigm shifi in how rewards and incentives are distributed, leveragingBlockchaintechnologytofostertrust,transparency,andmeaningfulengagementbetween online platforms and the real world. XActRewards embraces this concept tocreateadynamicandrewardingexperienceforitsusers.

2. How does the “Harvest XAct Whenever You Shop! “feature work? Can you share some examples?

The “Harvest XAct Whenever You Shop!” feature in XAct Rewards allows users to earn XAct tokens whenever they make purchases at participating merchants. Here’s how it works:

User Registration: Users need to create an account on the XAct Rewards platform and complete there gistration process.

Integration with Participating Merchants: XAct Rewards integrates with various local merchants, both online and offline, across different industries. These merchants agree to participate in the program and offer rewards to XAct Rewards users.

Making a Purchase: When a user shops at a participating merchant, they simply need to make their purchase as they normally would, whether it’s in – store or online.

Automatic Reward Calculation: XAct Rewards uses its backend system to track the user’s purchase and calculate the corresponding XAct token rewards based on predefined criteria. The calculation may take into account factors such as the total purchase amount, specific products or services, or others pecified conditions.

Reward Distribution: Once the purchase is verified and the XAct tokens are calculated, the corresponding rewards are automatically credited to the user’s XAct Rewards account. Users can view their earned XAct tokens in their account dashboard.


Online Fashion Retailer: Sarah wants to buy a new dress from a popular online fashion retailer that participates in the XAct Rewards program. She logs into her XAct Rewards account, clicks on the retailer’s link from the platform, and makes her purchase. Afier the transaction is verified, she receives a certain number of XAct tokens credited to her account based on her total purchase amount.

Local Coffee Shop: John visits his favorite local coffee shop that has partnered with XAct Rewards. He orders his usual cup of coffee and pays using his XAct Rewards – linked payment method. The purchase is automatically tracked, and a percentage of the purchase amount is converted into XAct tokens, which are then added to John’s account.

Electronics Store: Lisa is shopping for a new smart phone at an electronics store that is part of the XAct Rewards network. She selects her desired smartphone, completes the purchase, and provides her XAct Rewards account details at the checkout. Basedon the predefined reward criteria, a specific number of XAct tokens are added to her account.

In each of these examples, the “Harvest XAct Whenever You Shop!” feature enablesusers to earn XAct tokens as rewards for their purchases. The more users shop at participating merchants, the more XAct tokens they accumulate, which can later be redeemed for various benefits with in the XAct Rewards ecosystem.

3. Can you explain the significance of the XACT token in the XAct Rewards ecosystem? How does its price fluctuation affect the platform?

The XACT token plays a vital role within the XAct Rewards ecosystem and holdssignificance for both users and merchants. Here’s an explanation of its significance and how its price fluctuation can affect the platform:

Utility Token: The XACT token serves as a utility token within the XAct Rewards platform. User scan earn XACT tokens as rewards for their transactions and engagement with participating merchants. These tokens can then be used for various purposes with in the ecosystem, such as redeeming rewards, accessing exclusive deals, or participating in special promotions.

ValueStore:XACTtokens have realvalue with in the platform. Users can accumulate tokens over time through their interactions and transactions, creating a store of value that can be utilized for future purchases or exchanged for other goods and services with in the XAct Rewards network. The token’s value is determined by market dynamics, supply and demand, and other factors.

Platform Stability: Price fluctuations of the XACT token can impact the stability of the platform. Significant price volatility may affect user behavior, such as the redemption of rewards or the willingness to participate in transactions. To ensure a stable and reliable ecosystem, XAct Rewards may implement measures to manage potential volatility, such as setting fixed conversion rates for rewards or implementing stability mechanisms.

Merchant Acceptance: Merchants within the XActRewards ecosystem accept XACT tokens as a form of payment for their products or services. Price fluctuations of the token can impact merchants’ willingness to accept it and may influence their pricing strategies. Merchants may adjust their token acceptance policies or adjust pricing based on the token’s value to maintain profitability and ensure a seamless user experience.

Investor Impact: Price fluctuations of the XACT token May also affect investors or token holders who have invested in the XAct Rewards project. Investors may experience gains or losses based on the token’s market value. However, it’s importantto note that the success and stability of the platform are not solely dependent on token price fluctuations but also on factors such as user adoption, merchant partnerships, and over all platform performance.

Overall, the XACT token is a crucial component of the XAct Rewards ecosystem, providing users with a means to earn rewards, access exclusive benefits, and participate in transactions. While price fluctuations can have an impact on theplatform, steps can be taken to manage volatility and maintain a stable environment that benefits both users and merchants.

4.Why should customers say “NO” to store points and “YES” to a global crypto reward system like XACT?

Customers should consider saying “NO” to traditional store points and “YES” to a global crypto reward system like XACT for the following reasons:

Universality: Store points are ofien limited to specific retailers or brands, restricting their usability and value. In contrast, a global crypto reward system like XACT offersa universal currency that can be used across various participating merchants and even beyond the traditional retail space. This universality provides customers with more flexibility and options when redeeming their rewards.

Value Appreciation: Unlike store points that typically have a fixed value, crypto currencies like XACT have the potential for value appreciation. As the demandfor XACT grows and its utility within the ecosystem expands, the token’s value may increase over time. This can result incustomer’s benefiting not only from the immediate rewards but also from the potential long-term value of their holdings.

Transparency and Security: Crypto reward systems are built on Blockchain technology, which offers transparency and security. The transactions and rewards earned through XACT are recorded on a decentralized and immutable ledger, ensuring that customers have a clear record of their rewards and their corresponding value. Additionally, the cryptographic security measures employed by Blockchain technology provide enhanced protection against fraud and unauthorized access.

Global Accessibility: Traditional store points are typically limited to specific regions or countries, making the min accessible to customers outside those areas. In contrast, a global cryptore ward system like XACT transcends geographical boundaries, allowing customers from around the world to participate and earn rewards. This global accessibility opens up a vast array of opportunities for customers to earn and utilize their rewards, regard less of their location.

Flexibility and Interoper ability: Store points ofien come with limitations on how andwhere they can be redeemed. In contrast, crypto currencies like XACT offer greater flexibility and interoperability. Customer scan choose to hold and accumulate their XACT tokens, exchange them for other crypto currencies, or use them to make purchases within the XAct Rewards ecosystem. This flexibility empowers customers to leverage their rewards in ways that align with their preferences and needs.

By embracing a global crypto reward system like XACT, customers can enjoy thebenefits of a universal currency, potential value appreciation, transparency, security,global accessibility, and flexibility. It offers a modern and forward-thinking approachto rewards, enabling customers to unlock more opportunities and value from their everyday transactions.

5. Can you discuss the five G’s of XAct Rewards: Global, Guaranteed, Genuine, Growing, and Gifiing?

Certainly! The five G’s of XAct Rewards, namely Global, Guaranteed, Genuine,Growing, and Gifiing, highlight the key aspects and advantages of the platform. Let’sexplore each of the min more detail:

Global: XAct Rewards aims to create a global ecosystem that transcends geographical boundaries. It offers a universal platform where users can earn and redeem rewards across various participating merchants, regardless of their location. This global reachenables customers to access a wide range of products, services, and opportunities from around theworld.

Guaranteed: XAct Rewards provides a guaranteed rewards system for users. Unlike traditional loyalty programs that may have hidden terms, expiry dates, or limitations, XAct Rewards ensures transparency and reliability. Users can expect to receive guaranteed cashback and rewards on their transactions, providing them with peace of mind and asense of trust in the platform.

Genuine: XAct Rewards fosters genuine connections between customers and merchants. It focuses on real-world connections, specifically in the shopping and payments sector. By enabling users to earn rewards through their everyday activities,XActRewards encourages genuine engagement and participation. Customers can feel confident that their interactions and transactions contribute to tangible benefits within the ecosystem.

Growing:The XAct Rewards platform is designed to continuously grow and evolve. It seeks to expand its user base, merchant network, and ecosystem offerings over time. As more users join and engage with the platform, and as more merchants embrace the XAc tRewards system, the opportunities for earning and utilizing rewards will increase. This growth ensures an ever-expanding range of options and benefits forusers.

Gifiing: XAct Rewards recognizes the importance of gifiing and sharing within its ecosystem. Users have the ability to gifi or transfer their earned rewards to others,fostering a sense of generosity and community. Whether it’s sharing rewards withfamily and friends or supporting charitable causes, XAct Rewards enables users to spread the benefits and make a positive impact beyond their own transactions.

These five G’s represent the core principles and values of XAct Rewards.  The platform aims to provide a global, guaranteed, genuine, growing, and gifiing experience to its users, creating are warding ecosystem that offers value,convenience,and meaningful connections.

6. Can you walk us through the process of getting cashback on XAct Rewards ?

Here’s a step-by-step walk through of the process of getting cash back on XAct Rewards:

Signup and create an Account: Start by signing up for an account on the XAct Rewards platform. Provide the necessary information to create your profile.

Explore Participating Merchants: Once you’re logged in, browse through the list of participating merchants on the platform. You’ll find a wide range of local and global businesses offering products and services.

Make a Purchase: Select a merchant from the list and proceed to make a purchase.This can be done either online or at a physical store, depending on the merchant’s offerings.

Scan or Enter Transaction Details: Afier completing your purchase, you’ll need to scan the receipt or enter the transaction details into the XAct Rewards appor Website. This step is crucial to ensure that your purchase is tracked for cashback eligibility.

Cashback Calculation: The platform will calculate the cashback amount based on theterms and conditions set by the merchant. The cashback is typically a percentage of the total purchase amount.

Cashback Redemption: Once your cashback is calculated, it will be credited to your XAct Rewards account. You can view your cashback balance in you raccount dashboard.

Redemption Options: XAct Rewards offers various redemption options for your earned cashback. You can use it to make future purchases within the platform,exchange it for other rewards or gift to others.

Enjoy the Benefits: With your cashback earned and redeemed, you can enjoy the benefits of saving money on your purchases. You can continue exploring the platform, making transactions, and earning cashback on future purchases.

It’s important to note that the specific details of the cashback process may varyslightly depending on the merchant and the terms and conditions set by XAct Rewards. However, the overall process involves signing up, making a purchase,tracking the transaction, calculating cashback, redeeming the cashback, and enjoying the rewards.

XAct Rewards strives to provide a seamless and rewarding experience for users,ensuring that they can earn cashback on their everyday purchases and make the most of their transactions within the platform.

7.  Can you share some key statistics about XACT, such as total supply, token holders, current base price, circulating supply, and current marketcap?

Please refer white paper and also CoinMarket Capasall details available there

8. How   does    XAct Rewards    revolutionize traditional loyalty programs using Blockchain technology?

XAct Rewards revolutionizes traditional loyalty programs by leveraging Blockchaintechnology to provide a transparent, secure, and decentralized ecosystem. Here’s how XAct Rewards brings innovation to loyalty programs:

Transparency: Blockchain technology ensures transparency in the reward distribution process. Every transaction and reward earned by users is recorded on theBlockchain, making it visible and auditable. Users can trust that their rewards are accurately calculated and distributed based on pre determined rules.

Security: The use of Blockchain provides a secure environment for storing and managing loyalty program data. User information and transaction details are encrypted and stored across a distributed network, reducing the risk of data breaches run authorized access.Thisenhancestheprivacyandsecurityofuserdata.

Tokenization: XAct Rewards utilizes its native token, XACT, as a means of incentivizing and rewarding users. Tokens are securely stored on the Blockchain, enabling seamless and instant transactions. The tokenized nature of rewards eliminates the need for traditional points or vouchers, providing a more efficient and flexible redemption process.

Global Accessibility: XAct Rewards is builton Blockchain technology, enabling participation from users and merchants worldwide. The decentralized nature of the platform allows users to earn and redeem rewards globally, expanding the reach and accessibility of the loyalty program beyond geographical boundaries.

Interoperability: XAct Rewards aims to create a network of merchants and partners,enabling interoperability between different businesses. Through smart contracts and Blockchain integration, users can earn rewards at on emerchant and seamlessly redeem them at another within the XAct Rewards ecosystem, enhancing flexibility and choice for users.

Empowering Users: XAct Rewards empowers users by giving them ownership and control over their rewards. With Blockchain technology, users have a clear view of their rewards, can easily track their transactions, and have the freedom to use their rewards as they see fit.

Innovative Features: XActRewards introduces innovative features such as cashbackon real-world purchases, gifiing and sharing of rewards, and a staking program to earn additional rewards. These features enhance user engagement and provide unique value propositions compared to traditional loyalty programs.

Overall ,XAct Rewards leverages Blockchain technology to revolutionize loyalty programs by introducing transparency, security, global accessibility, and user empowerment. By combining blockchain’s inherent features with innovative rewards mechanisms, XAct Rewards offers a modern and decentralized loyalty program experience for users and merchants a like.

9.  Can you discuss the roadmap for XAct Rewards? What are the key milestones you aim to achieve in the coming years?

  1. Development and Launch: The initial phase focuses on developing and launching the XAct Rewards platform. This includes building the infrastructure, implementing Blockchain technology, and creating the necessary features and functionalities.
  • User Adoption: One of the primary milestones is to attract and onboard a significant user base. This involves marketing and promotional efforts to raise awareness about XAct Rewards, engaging with potential users, and incentivizing participation through attractive rewards and benefits.
  • Merchant Partnerships: XAct Rewards aims to establish partnerships with adiverse range of merchants, both online and offline. Collaborating with various businesses expands the ecosystem, allowing users to earn and redeem rewards at a wide selection of participating merchants.
  • Platform Expansion: XAct Rewards may focus on expanding its platform’s capabilities and offerings. This could include introducing new features, enhancing user experience, and incorporating additional services to further enrich the loyalty program.
  • Global Expansion: Afier establishing a strong foundation, the project may set its sights on expanding its reach to international markets. This involve stargeting users and merchants beyond the initial target market and adapting the platform to accommodate different regions and languages.
  • Community Engagement: Building an active and engaged community is crucial for the long-term success of XAct Rewards. Milestones in this area may include organizing events, community initiatives, and implementing feed back mechanisms to foster avibrant and supportive user community.
  • Integration and Partnerships: XAct Rewards may seek to integrate with external platforms, payment gateways, or other Blockchain projects to enhance interoperability and provide users with seamless experiences across different ecosystems. Partnerships with strategic organizations can also help expand the reach and influence of XAct Rewards.
  • Continued Innovation: To stay competitive and relevant, XActRewards may prioritize ongoing innovation. This could involve research ingand implementing emerging technologies, exploring new reward mechanisms, and adapting to changing user preferences and market trends.

It’s important to note that the roadmap is subject to change based on various factors, including market conditions, technological advancements, and user feedback. It’s recommended to refer to official XAct Rewards channels or announcements for the most accurate and up-to-date road map information.

10. How does the Proof of Buy Protocol work in the XAct Rewards ecosystem?

XAct Rewards incorporates a strong tokenomics model to ensure stability, scarcity, and value appreciation of the XACT token. Here are the key elements of the tokenomics:

Limited Maximum Supply: The maximum supply of XACT tokens is limited,ensuring scarcity and a controlled token distribution. This scarcity enhances the token’s value proposition and potential for value appreciation.

Cashback Allotment: Cashback allotment is based on the higher of the base price or the market price of the token. The base price, as mentioned in the white paper, increases or doubles every 100 million tokens. This mechanism ensures that users receive cashback rewards based on the prevailing token value, incentivizing token holders and creating a dynamic cashback system.

Token Buy back: In the event of market downturns or token value depreciation, XAct Rewards utilizes a reserve fund to implement token buybacks. The reserve fund, accumulated through commissions or income, allows the platform to actively purchase XACT tokens from the market, increasing demand and potentially stabilizing the token’s price.

Value Stability: By implementing token buy backs, the platform aims to maintain stability and prevent excessive price drops. The buyback process helps mitigate market dumps by providing support to the token’s value. The reserve fund’s usage ensures that the platform has the necessary resources to sustain and control tokenvalue.

Real-World Connection: XAct Rewards distinguishes it self from other cryptocurrencies by focusing on real-world connections, specifically in the shopping and payments sector. This approach attracts individuals who are not yet involved in the crypto space,offering the man opportunity to participate and create wealth through everyday activities. This unique positioning sets XAct Rewards apart from many other crypto projects and enhances its potential for adoption.

By combining limited token supply, cashback allotment based on token value, token buy back mechanisms, and a focus on real world connections, XAct Rewards establishes strong tokenomics that promote token value appreciation, stability, and the inclusion of individuals outside the traditional crypto sphere.

11. Can you explain the concept of creating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for influencers to make money on XAct Rewards?

In the context of XAct Rewards,the concept of creating Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs) for influencers involves leveraging blockchain technology to provide influencers with a unique opportunity to monetize their digital content and engage  with  their audience in new and innovative ways. Here’s an explanation of how it works:

NFT Creation: XAct Rewards enables influencers to create NFTs, which are unique digital assets representing ownership or proof of authenticity of a particular piece ofcontent. This content can include artwork, music, videos, collectibles, or any other form of digital creation.

Tokenizing Content: By tokenizing their content as NFTs, influencers can assign a unique value to their creations and establish ownership rights. Each NFT is recorded on the blockchain, ensuring its authenticity, scarcity, andtraceability.

Token Sales: Influencers can offer their NFTs for sale to their audience and fans. Interested individual scan purchase these NFTs using XACT tokens or other supported cryptocurrencies, providing a direct revenue  stream for the influencers. The sale of NFTs allows influencers to monetize their digital creations and establish a direct connection with their most dedicated supporters.

Royalties and Resale: One significant advantage of NFTs is the ability to set royalties. When an NFT is resold in the future, the original creator, in this case, the influencer,can earn a percentage of the resale value. This ongoing royalty stream provides a potential long-term revenue source for influencers, even a fier the initial sale.

Exclusive Experiences and Benefits: NFT ownership can also grant unique experiences or benefits to the holders. For example, owning a specific NFT may grant access to exclusive events, meet-and-greets with the influencer, or special rewards within the XAct Rewards ecosystem. These exclusive perks can incentivize fans to acquire the NFTs and further support their favorite influencers.

Engagement and Fan Interaction: NFTs can deepen the engagement between influencers and their audience. By involving fans in the NFT creation and ownership process, influencers can create as ense of community and strengthen their relationship with their supporters. NFT holders can participate in discussions, forums, or other exclusive channels dedicated to the influencer’s community.

By embracing NFTs within the XAct Rewards ecosystem, influencers can tap into the growing market for digital collectibles, art, and unique experiences. It allows them to monetize their creativity, engage with their fans in new ways, and leverage blockchain technology to establish verifiable ownership and value for their digital assets.

In additiontoin fluencers, XAct Rewards also allows shoppers and brands/ manufacturers to leverage the concept of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) forproof of purchase, ownership, and warranty/guarantee systems. Here’s how the se aspects integrate in tot he XAct Rewards ecosystem:

Shoppers Creating NFTs for Proof of Purchase/Ownership:

Proof of Purchase: Shoppers can create NFTs as a digital record of their purchases on the XAct Rewards platform. These NFTs serve as immutable proof of ownership and transaction history.

Ownership Verification: By tokenizing their purchasesas NFTs, shoppers can establisha transparent and tamper-proof record of ownership. This can  be particularly useful for high-value items, collectibles, or assets that require proof of authenticity.

Brands/Manufacturers Replacing Warranty/Guarantee Systems with NFTs:

Warranty and Guarantee: Brands and manufacturers can utilize NFT sa sa replacement for traditional warranty and guarantee systems. By creatingan NFT for a product at the point of sale, they can attach warranty terms and conditions directly to the token.

Trace ability and Transparency: The use of NFTs in warranties allows for enhanced traceability and transparency. The immutable nature of blockchain ensures that the terms of the warranty cannot be altered or manipulated, providing both the brand and the consumer with as ecureandreliable record.

Benefits of NFTs for Shoppers and Brands/Manufacturers:

Trust and Authenticity: NFTs provide verifiable proof of purchase, ownership, and warranty, instilling trust in the transaction process for both shoppers and brands/manufacturers.

Enhanced Security: The decentralized nature of blockchain technology ensures the security and immutability of NFT records, reducing the risk off raudor dispute.

Simplified Processes: NFTs streamline the documentation and management of purchase records, ownership, and warranty information, making it more efficient for shoppers and brands/manufacturers to track and manage these aspects.

Added Value and Collectibility: NFTs associated with purchases can have additional value as collectibles or limited edition digital assets, creating an additional incentive for shoppers.

Environmental Sustainability: By digitizing proof of purchase, ownership, and warranty information through NFTs, the need for physical documentation and paper work is reduced, leading to amore environmentally friendly approach.

By incorporating NFTs for shoppers’ proof of purchase/ownership and replacing warranty/guarantee systems, XAct Rewards enhances transparency, trust, and efficiency in the shopping experience while offering unique opportunities for brands, manufacturers, and shoppers to interact with digital assets on the blockchain.

12. How does XAct Rewards planto integrate Metaverse shopping into its platform?

XAct Rewards recognizes the growing potential and popularity of Metaverse shopping and aims to integrate it into its platform. The integration of Metaverse shopping open sup new possibilities for immersive and interactive shopping experiences. Here’ show XAct Rewards plansto incorporate Metaverse shopping:

Virtual Marketplaces: XActRewards will collaborate with Metaverse platforms and virtual marketplaces to establish a presence within these digital environments. This integration will enable users to access a wide range of virtual stores and brands, expanding their shopping options beyond the physical world.

Virtual Product Representation: XAct Rewards will work with brands and manufacturers to create virtual representations of their products within the Metaverse. These representations can include 3D models, interactive elements, and detailed product information, allowing users to explore and engage with virtual products.

Seamless Purchasing Experience: XAct Rewards aims to provide a seamless purchasing experience within the Metaverse. Users will be able to make virtual transactions using XACT tokens, leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology for secure and transparent transactions.

Virtual Rewards and Incentives: Metaverse shopping on XAct Rewards will also extend the platform’s reward system into virtual spaces. Users can earn XACT tokens and other virtual rewards for their Metaverse shopping activities, creating incentives for engagement and loyalty.

Integration of NFTs: XAct Rewards plans to integrate Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into Metaverse shopping. Users may have the opportunity to purchase virtual assets, limited edition digital items, or unique virtual collectibles through NFTs, providing them with exclusive and valuable virtual possessions.

Enhanced Social Interactions: Metaverse shopping offers the potential for enhancedsocial interactions. XActRewards aims to foster a vibrant and engaging community within the Metaverse, allowing users to connect, share their virtual shopping experiences, and collaborate with others.

By integrating Metaverse shopping into the XAct Rewards platform, users will havethe opportunity to explore new dimensions of shopping and engage with virtual environments in a meaningful way. The seamless integration of blockchain technology, XACT tokens, virtual representations of products, and the incorporationof rewards and incentives create a unique and immersive shopping experience within the Metaverse.

13.  Can you discuss the “Proof of Reserve” feature and how it maintains price stability for XACT tokens?

The “Proof of Reserve” feature is designed to maintain price stability for XACT tokens within the XAct Rewards ecosystem. It is a mechanism that ensures transparency and verifies the availability of reserves to support the token’s value. Here’ show the “Proof of Reserve “feature works and its impact on price stability:

Reserve Verification: XAct Rewards periodically conducts audits and verifications to confirm the availability of reserves. These reserves consist of funds accumulated through commissionsor income generated by the platform.The reserve fund is intended to support the token’s value and provide stability in the event of market fluctuations.

Price Support: If the market experiences a downturn or the value of XACT tokens decreases significantly, the reserve fund can be utilized to support the token’s price.This means that the platform can actively buy back XACT tokens from the market, creating demandand potentially stabilizing the token’s value.

Market Confidence: The “Proof of Reserve” feature instills confidence in the market by demonstrating that XAct Rewards has the necessary resources to maintain the stability and value of the XACT token. It provides assurance to token holders, users, and investors that the platform is committed to preserving the token’s price and protecting their interests.

Value Preservation: By actively managing price fluctuations through the reserve fund, XAct Rewards aims to preserve the value of the XACT token. This stability is crucial for both users and merchants who participate in the ecosystem, as it ensures that their rewards, transactions, and overall engagement retain their value overtime.

Market Control: The ability to actively buy back XACT tokens from the market allows XAct Rewards to have a degree of control over token supply and demand dynamics. This control can help mitigate excessive price drops and prevent drastic volatility that may negatively impact the platform and its participants.

Overall, the “Proof of Reserve” feature in XAct Rewards serves as a safeguard to maintain price stability for the XACT token. By verifying and utilizing reserves to support the token’s value, the platform can in still confidence in the market, preserve the token’s worth, and ensure a stable environment for users, merchants, and investors.

14. Can you explain the “Allotment Rule” for cashback rewards based on market/baseprice?

The”Allotment Rule”inXAct Rewards determines how cashback rewards are allocated to users based on the market or base price of the XACT token. Here’s an explanation of how the allotment rule works:

Market Price: The market price refers to the current trading value of the XACT tokenin the market. It can fluctuate based on supply and demand dynamics, trading activity, and other market factors. The market price is determined by the prevailing market conditions and can vary from moment to moment.

Base Price:The base price is a predetermined price mentioned in the XAct Rewards system, as outlined inthe whitepaper or project documentation. It may increase or double every 100 million tokens issued. The base price serves as a reference point for calculating cashback rewards.

Allotment Calculation: When it comes to cashback rewards, the “Allotment Rule”considers both the market price and the base price. The higher of the two prices isused to determine the cashback allotment for users.

Scenario 1: If the market price is higher than the base price,the cashback allotment is calculated based on the market price. Users receive cashback rewards proportional to the market price of the XACT token.

Scenario 2: If the baseprice is higher than the marketprice, the cashback allotment is calculated based on the base price. Users receive cashback rewards proportional to the base price of the XACT token.

By applying the “Allotment Rule,” XAct Rewards ensures that users receive cashback rewards based on the higher of the two prices, whether it’s the market price or the base price. This approach incentivizes users to participate in the platform while considering the prevailing value of the XACT token. It also allows for flexibility in cashback allocation, ensuring that users benefit from the token’s value appreciation in the market.

It’s important to note that the specific formula or calculation used for cashback allotment may vary based on the implementation and design of the XAct Rewards platform. The details of the “Allotment Rule” may be further defined in the project’s documentation or official communication.

15.  How does the XAct Rewards business model work Can you explain the flow of XACT tokens within the ecosystem?

The XAct Rewards business model revolves around creating a sustainable ecosystem where users, merchants, influencers, and other participants interact using XACT tokens. Here’s an overview of how the flow of XACT tokens occurs within the ecosystem:

Token Distribution: The XACT tokens are initially distributed through to ken sales ,private sales, public sales, or other designated mechanisms. This ensures that there is a supply of tokens available for users to acquire and participate in the ecosystem.

User Acquisition: Users join the XAct Rewards platform and engage in various activities such as shopping, referring friends, participating in promotions, or completing specific tasks. These activities generate user engagement and drive the adoption of the platform.

Cashback Rewards: Users earn cashback rewards in the form of XACT tokens basedon their interactions and transactions within the ecosystem. Cashback rewards are calculated based on the allotted percentage of the transaction amount and the”Allotment Rule” that considers the market or baseprice.

Token Usage: Users can utilize their earned XACT tokens for various purposes within the ecosystem. They can redeem tokens for discounts ,exclusive deals, products, services, or access to special promotions. The tokens act as a means of value exchange within the platform, providing users with additional benefits andincentives.

Merchant Engagement: Merchants within the XAct Rewards ecosystem accept XACT tokens as a form of payment for their products or services. They receive the tokens from users in exchange for the goods or services provided. Merchants can then utilizethe tokens for their own purposes, such as participating in promotional campaigns or acquiring products from other merchants.

Influencer Engagement: Influencers can create NFTs representing their content or collaborations within the platform. Users can purchase these NFTs using XACT tokens, providing a monetization opportunity for the influencers. This encourages influencers to participate in the platform and engage with their audience in innovative ways.

Token Liquidity: Users and token holders have the option to trade their XACT tokenson external cryptocurrency exchanges, providing liquidity to the market. The trading activity on these exchanges determines the market price of the XACT token and allows for wider participation in the token economy.

Token Value Appreciation: As the demand for XACT tokens increases through user engagement, merchant acceptance, and overall ecosystem growth, the value of the tokens may appreciate. This can provide additional benefits to users and token holders, potentially increasing the purchasing power of their tokens.

By facilitating the flow of XACT tokens among users, merchants, influencers, andexternal exchanges, the XAct Rewards business model creates a dynamic ecosystem where participants can engage, transact, and benefit from the token economy. The token acts as a catalyst for value creation, loyalty incentives, and fostering a thriving community within the platform.

The XACT token holds significant importance within the XAct Rewards ecosystem. It servesas a utility token that enables users to earn rewards, access exclusive benefits, andparticipate in transactions within the platform. Here’s how the token’s significance and price fluctuations affect the platform:

Rewards and Benefits: The XACT token is used to reward users for their engagement,transactions, and loyalty. Users can earn tokens as cashback, which can be redeemed fordiscounts, vouchers, or other exclusive offers. The token’s value directly impacts the rewards users receive, allowing them to benefit from its price appreciation.

Merchant Participation: The XACT token incentivizes merchant participation and acceptance within the XAct Rewards ecosystem. Merchants accepting the token can tap into a wider customer base and benefit from increased exposure. The token’s price fluctuationcan influence merchant decisions on token acceptance and pricing strategies, as they aim to maintain profitability and attract customers.

Investor Perspective: Token holders and investors who have invested in XACT tokens can be affected by its price fluctuations. Positive price movements can result in increased token value and potential returns on investment. Conversely, price decreases can lead to temporary losses. However, the platform’s success should not solely rely on token price fluctuations, as factors such as user adoption, merchant partnerships, and overall platform growth contribute to its long-term value.

Platform Stability: Price volatility can impact the stability of the XAct Rewards platform. Significant price fluctuations may influence user behavior, redemption patterns, and overall engagement. To ensure platform stability, measures can be implemented, such as setting fixed conversion rates for rewards or implementing stability mechanisms to manage token volatility.

Ecosystem Growth: The XACT token’s price fluctuations can influence the growth andexpansion of the XAct Rewards ecosystem. Positive price movements can attract more usersand merchants, fostering increased participation and engagement. On the other hand, severe price drops may temporarily impact user and merchant confidence. By managing token volatility and implementing robust tokenomics, the platform aims to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

Insummary, the XACT token plays avitalrolein the XAct Rewards ecosystem by incentivizing user engagement, merchant participation, and investment. Its price fluctuations can impact user rewards, merchant acceptance, and overall platform stability. By implementing measures to manage volatility and focusing on ecosystem growth, XAct Rewards aims to create a sustainable and thriving environment for all stake holders.