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Interview with Bogdan Borodin: CEO & Founder of “CryptoDo” – The Blockopedia

In the rapidly developing sphere of blockchain technology, staying updated and adaptable is crucial. Among the various platforms navigating this space is CryptoDo, a no-code service dedicated to easing the process of creating web3 applications and smart contracts. In this article, we bring you an insightful discussion with Bogdan Borodin, the CEO and Founder of CryptoDo. With his vast experience and dedication, Bogdan provides an in-depth understanding of CryptoDo’s operations, achievements, and future aspirations.

Question 1: What is CryptoDo and what problem does it solve?

Answer: CryptoDo is a multichain, no-code web3 solution builder designed for businesses. We solve the problems of high costs, complexity, and time-consuming development. With our AI-powered code generation and no-code platform, everyone can easily create web3 applications and smart contracts without extensive development expertise or a large budget. This makes blockchain integration more accessible and efficient.

Question 2: What inspired you to create CryptoDo?

Answer: The idea of CryptoDo was born in the spring of 2021 when our team was involved in outsourcing blockchain development. We decided to create a product that could influence the web3 industry and make blockchain technologies accessible to everyone. This idea led us to create a no-code platform for creating smart contracts. CryptoDo was initially launched as a free Telegram bot for launching ERC-20 tokens and NFT collections on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchain. Since then, our product has undergone major transformations, but the concept and mission remain the same – to provide an easy entry point into web3 and accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain technologies around the world by creating the best tool for launching dApps without programming skills.

Question 3: How does the CryptoDo product work?

Answer: CryptoDo utilizes a no-code approach with modular architecture and AI-powered code generation. This automates the process of creating smart contracts and makes it accessible to everyone. To launch a smart contract in CryptoDo, you need to take just a few simple steps:

  1. Visit the platform at
  2. In the “Create Contract” section, select one of the supported blockchains and the type of smart contract you want to create.
  3. Fill in the necessary data for your smart contract and select additional features if necessary.
  4. After this, you can deploy your smart contract in the testnet or mainnet of your chosen blockchain with one click. Code generation, compilation, deployment, and verification in the blockchain happens automatically, you just need to wait a few seconds and your smart contract will be ready!

Blockchain development has traditionally been a complex and expensive task. CryptoDo allows you to launch web3 applications without programming skills in just a few clicks, simplifying the complex task of creating smart contracts for users without programming skills. This opens up new opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses who want to use web3 in their projects but don’t have the necessary technical skills.

Question 4: What key milestones has CryptoDo achieved at this stage?

Answer: Since the launch of CryptoDo, we have achieved a number of important milestones in our development:

We have successfully gathered an active community of over 40,000 members in social media, indicating a high interest in our product and belief in our mission.

Our users have created and successfully launched more than 200,000 different smart contracts on various blockchain networks

We have received grants and formed partnerships with major blockchain ecosystems including Aurora, Mantle, Bitgert, OKX Chain, Lightlink, and others, enabling us to jointly promote the development of blockchain technologies through cross-marketing and technical integrations.

CryptoDo emerged as winners of the largest blockchain hackathon from Chainlink in 2022 and the TRON Grand Hackathon in 2023.

We have successfully launched our product and carried out dozens of major updates. As of today, CryptoDo is the best no-code web3 application builder on the market.

Question 5: Do CryptoDo smart contracts comply with international standards?

Answer: Yes, the smart contracts created on the CryptoDo platform comply with the latest industry standards and best coding practices. We are constantly working on updates and staying up-to-date with the solutions we provide to our users.

Question 6: Which blockchain networks does CryptoDo support?

Answer: CryptoDo supports more than 20 blockchains (+ testnets in each chain) and is continuously expanding the list of supported networks. Here are some of the networks already available in CryptoDo: BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, Aurora, Optimism, Avalanche, Fantom, Mantle, OKC, Bitgert, 5ire, BitTorrent, Gate, Evmos, Lightlink, Zetachain. As new and improved blockchains emerge, we plan to continue expanding the list of supported networks so our users can choose the best chain for their projects.

Question 7: What types of smart contracts can be created in the CryptoDo no-code service?

Answer: CryptoDo supports dozens of different types of smart contracts. Among the most popular are contracts for ERC-20 tokens, crowdsales (ICOs), staking and farming contracts, DAOs, NFT collections, blockchain lotteries, vesting contracts, etc. We constantly add new types of dApps to the CryptoDo product so our users can cover as wide a range of infrastructure tasks as possible in their projects.

In addition, we recently launched an AI-powered no-code smart contract builder where you can create any smart contract based on the text description of the logic. This opens up unlimited possibilities for innovation and creating unique applications on the blockchain. However, this tool should be used with caution as artificial intelligence is still not perfect and smart contracts created through this tool require additional verification.

Question 8: How do you ensure the security of smart contracts created on your platform?

Answer: We have taken several measures to ensure the security of smart contracts created on our platform. All of our smart contracts have undergone internal audits, and we plan to submit our code for review to the best public auditing companies shortly. Additionally, our modular architecture allows for the creation of smart contracts from audited and tested blocks, adding an extra layer of security. We are also working on improving our security system and conducting regular checks to prevent any potential threats.

Question 9: What are the functions and advantages of the CDO token?

Answer: CryptoDo features its native utility token, CDO, which serves as the project’s base currency. The CDO token offers a multitude of utilities and benefits. For instance, it can be used as a payment method for creating web3 applications and all types of smart contracts on the platform at a discount. Furthermore, the CDO token facilitates company governance through a DAO, enables staking and farming, and provides platform commission discounts. It can also be utilized in third-party ecosystem products and to pay for subscriptions for managing smart contracts and DAOs. This diverse functionality of the CDO token significantly enriches the user experience and fortifies the CryptoDo ecosystem. All tokens accepted as payment are burned on the smart contract and removed from circulation, making the CDO token a deflationary asset.

Question 10: Does CryptoDo currently run any airdrop campaigns?

Answer: Yes, CryptoDo is currently running a quest campaign with a prize pool of $50,000 in CDO tokens on the Zealy platform. You can participate in simple quests, immerse yourself in the world of web3 technologies, and earn CryptoDo project tokens for this activity. This is a great opportunity to learn more about web3 and earn valuable tokens in the process. Join now at

Question 11: What are CryptoDo’s plans for the next few years? Are there any major updates or innovations that users can look forward to?

Answer: Certainly, our plans for the coming years are very ambitious. Our users can expect a multitude of updates and innovations, including:

Adding support for new blockchain networks, allowing the creation and deployment of smart contracts in even more environments.

Launching new types of smart contracts, expanding capabilities for developers and businesses.

Deepening the integration of artificial intelligence technologies into our product, making the process of creating smart contracts even more flexible and accessible.

Launching our own project aggregator and launchpad, giving users even more opportunities to realize their ideas.

The long-awaited release of our CDO token on the public market and listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

We strive to make our product better every day and are pleased to see such great interest in it. Follow our news on Twitter:, to stay informed about all our updates!

This enlightening conversation with Bogdan Borodin has provided us with a better understanding of CryptoDo’s role and contributions in the blockchain industry. The platform’s core commitment lies in simplifying the creation of smart contracts and expanding the accessibility of web3 applications. With clear future plans and ongoing improvements, CryptoDo is actively facilitating the growth of blockchain technology.