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Polygon’s Collaborations with Disney, Meta, Starbucks, and Others

In Q2 2023, Polygon unveiled Polygon 2.0 as the “Value Layer of the Internet,” achieved 200,000 unique addresses, and expanded partnerships, solidifying its position in the blockchain industry.

Key Points

  • Polygon (MATIC) revealed insights and advancements in Q2 2023, introducing Polygon 2.0 as a “Value Layer of the Internet.”
  • Polygon zkEVM achieved 200,000 unique addresses, unaffected by SEC complaints against Binance and Coinbase.
  • Polygon expanded partnerships with companies like Mastercard, Warner Music Group, and more, solidifying its blockchain industry position.
  • Exciting developments include Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta launch and testing of Polygon Supernets and Polygon ID.

In the second quarter of 2023, Polygon ($MATIC), a suite of Ethereum-based scaling solutions, revealed crucial insights and recent advancements in its ecosystem, as stated in the report released by Messari, a fast-growing startup in New York that focuses on building the next generation data layer for the crypto asset community.

 Polygon 2.0: The “Value Layer of the Internet”

Among the key highlights discussed in the report was the introduction of Polygon 2.0 by Polygon Labs. This development brings forth a network of zero-knowledge Layer-2 blockchains with the aim of becoming the “Value Layer of the Internet.” It brings significant updates to the protocol architecture, tokenomics, and governance.

The report highlights the growth of the Polygon zkEVM, a Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Layer-2 rollup protocol for Ethereum. By the end of Q2, it achieved a milestone of 200,000 unique addresses, marking a significant achievement for the platform.

This growth was attributed to collaborations and integrations with various industry players. However, the report emphasizes that Polygon’s network fundamentals remained unaffected despite MATIC’s inclusion in the SEC’s complaints against Binance and Coinbase.

Expanding Partnerships with Prominent Companies

Polygon has also made significant progress in expanding its partnerships with prominent legacy companies and institutions.

The platform has partnered with Franklin Templeton, Securitize, Mastercard, and Warner Music Group, joining existing partners such as Adobe, Adidas, Disney, Meta, Nike, Reddit, Robinhood, and Starbucks. These partnerships solidify Polygon’s position as a key player in the blockchain industry.

Several exciting developments were highlighted in the report. The launch of the Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta on March 27, 2023, enables secure, quick, and cheap transactions.

Moreover, the report provides insights into Polygon Miden, an upcoming ZK Layer-2 rollup protocol for Ethereum that utilizes the Miden Virtual Machine (MVM) written in Rust.

Additionally, the platform is currently testing Polygon Supernets, an app-chain-focused scaling solution for Polygon PoS. Lastly, Polygon ID, a privacy-preserving identification service for Web3 users, uses ZK-proofs to verify user credentials privately.

Closing Thoughts

Polygon’s Q2 report underscores the platform’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, and growth.

The initiatives presented in the report solidify Polygon’s position as a leading provider of Ethereum-based scaling solutions. The platform continues to drive advancements in the blockchain industry, shaping the future of decentralized technologies.