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How to buy Cheems Inu Coin | A Guide for Amateurs 

Every now and then, in the world of cryptocurrency,  a new breed of token emerges that radically alters how things are done. Today, we introduce you to a competitor on the scene—a meta-shaking, rippling wave with conceptually novel usefulness and a well-known community brand. 

BC Games

The Cheems platform, a cryptocurrency meme token price tracking website, was launched in November 2019 to combine memes and crypto, giving the investors both laughter and money. Its vision to become the one-stop shop for all meme token developers and investors on the blockchain gained popularity, with over 40k individual holders holding 60mn(USD) worth of tokens.  

The native Cheems digital token, launched with the Cheems price tracking platform, will allow developers of meme tokens to pay listing fees to register their unique assets on the Cheems website. Furthermore, the token will allow meme token developers to pay fees for promoting their digital services on the Cheems website’s ad space.

Cheems Inu Tokenomics:

Total supply:6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

Circulating supply:4,860,000,000,000,000,000,000

Maximum wallet size:3% of the total supply

What is so special about Cheems Token? 

Cheems tokens were generated in limited quantities, and any listing or advertising costs are given to the Cheems platform must be paid in these tokens. All Cheems tokens used in fee payments will be burned by the Cheems platform, preventing them from being utilized or distributed again. As a result, the Cheems coin is essentially deflationary, and its value is projected to hold as supply becomes increasingly constricted.

We have created a step-by-step guide to ease your process of buying cheems inu.  

Step 1: Visit

Visit the official website of cheems inu. Once the website is loaded, you can see a Buy Cheems button at the top right corner. Click on that button, and it will take you to an external website.

Step 2: Pancakeswap Website

Once on the Pancakeswap website, you can see options to connect your wallet. Before connecting a wallet, make sure you are on the correct web page since there are many phishing websites nowadays. After verifying that you are on the right webpage, click on connect wallet.

Step 3: Choosing the wallet

After clicking on connect wallet, the website will provide you with three wallet options. Metamask, Coinbase, and Binance. We recommend using the metamask wallet since it is more secure and well-known for crypto transactions. A popup will display once you click on MetaMask wallet, asking for your login details. If you don’t have a MetaMask account, create one by simply following the instructions on the screen. Give permission to link the wallet to the pancakeswap website after creating an account on Metamask.

Step 4: Choosing a token 

After connecting your wallet with pancakeswap, you will see a dashboard on the main webpage of the pancakeswap website. On the right side, you can see an input panel where you’ll have to choose crypto tokens. You can select the token from the dropdown menu. The default token BNB will apply if you don’t choose a token. 

Step 5: Enter the amount

After choosing the token, you want to trade, enter the BNB amount you want to swap or the $CINU amount you wish to receive. After entering the amount, click swap and confirm that you have selected $CINU in the bottom dropdown.

What to consider when buying Cheems Inu coins? 

Several meme coins have skyrocketed in value during the last year. Some of them have had a use case concept from the start. Still, the rest start with nothing but hype and quickly slap together a half-baked “function” that eventually gives nothing but false promises and hot air to investors who demand both entertainment and utility from their tokens. 

Before buying the coin, go through the website and look for new potential news to maximize your profit. 

Where else can you buy Cheems Inu Coin? 

CoinMarketCap features a list of purchase options for each cryptocurrency. Visit the coinmarketcap website and search Cheems Inu. Near the price chart, press the Market button. This section will find a comprehensive list of where you can buy Cheems Inu. Under Pairs, you’ll notice the abbreviation of the coin as $CINU, as well as a second currency. The second currency is the currency you will swap for buying the coin. If you want to buy Cheems Inu using the US dollar, check for $CINU/USD.

How to sell Cheems Inu coins? 

Now that you own the coin, what if you want to sell the coin in the future. The process is straightforward and almost similar to buying a coin.

Step 1: Visit the

A small arrow will appear between the two tokens once you are on the site, under the same dashboard where you purchased the Cheems Inu coin. Clicking on the arrow will switch the two tokens. Now you can sell the coin.

Step 2: Enter the amount you want to sell

Enter the Cheems inu amount you want to sell. After entering the amount, click on swap and confirm the swap. 

As part of a collaboration with other projects on BSC and ETH, Cheems Inu is developing Metapolis, a game that people can play on the Metaverse. In this Play to Earn game, players compete for property, wealth, and fame in a massive open-world virtual city. “Downtown” Metapolis will be governed by Cheems Inu owners, and the sale of property (Cheems Burger Business Licenses) has begun. As soon as the slots became available, 26% of slots were sold in the first 10 hours. Owners of Cheems Inu are thrilled to be a part of the Metaverse, the future of gaming.