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How Should an NFT Enthusiast View the Super Loot NFT Drop of NFT Cricket Game?

As you might have known already, the developers of the world’s first NFT cricket game are set to drop their first NFTs through a drop event on April 22, 2022. The NFT drop event called Super Loot would be taking place on the NFT marketplace, which has the same developer origins. The development firm behind all the above trending buzz is GuardianLink, a Singapore-based NFT applications firm that already has a good reputation for its previous projects. The drop event has already ignited enough blitz among various kinds of people. Yet, some people, particularly in the NFT community, have not been getting the significance of the upcoming NFT drop. Although there might be a whole array of reasons behind the possible misunderstanding among them, reading this blog might offer them some valuable insights on the upcoming Super Loot drop and why it might create a positive impact on the NFT space.

The Background of the Upcoming NFT Drop

The upcoming NFT drop “Super Loot” is for the world’s first-ever NFT cricket game – NFT marketplace’s official website. There are speculations that the drop event presents could consist of digital and physical NFTs that have already put cricket-geeks in awe. Also, the drop would not be the last if the text from the website stands true. Still, the first drop of any major NFT application would have a more profound impact than subsequent ones since the NFT items present will be a surprise to all.

According to the development firm’s CEO, the NFT drop event would be attracting various kinds of audiences, including cricket fans, professional gamers, and NFT enthusiasts. The stage has already been set, and one can see the levels of amusement among cricketing and gaming communities. However, the reception among NFT communities has not lived up to the expectations. Even though we will not delve deeper into the reasons for hesitation among NFT enthusiasts, we will see why the broader NFT community should grab this unique opportunity with both hands.

What Does the Super Loot HODL for an NFT Enthusiast?

On plain assumptions, one can say that the drop has digital NFTs and probably physical ones as well. These are general guesses, and these are enough in inciting excitement among the newbie NFT enthusiasts and a small community of NFT collectors who know the significance of the sport. But, any NFT collector should be aware that many projects they skipped have become huge success stories, and some of them even strive today to buy their NFTs for high prices.

An NFT enthusiast also must be in the know about how NFTs based on in-game assets are asserting authority in the top NFT marketplaces. Take the game ecosystems of Axie Infinity or Decentraland, for example. One can often find the in-game properties from these ecosystems in popular NFT marketplace platforms listed at high prices, and bidders might be fighting hard battles (in fact, harder than the game battles) to have their hands on a new Axie monster or a plot of land. One must not also forget that it was for a plot of land on Decentraland that someone spent $4.3 million during the NFT boom. 

Hence, even if an NFT collector does not understand the sport of cricket or is unaware of all the rules of the sport, investing in the Super Loot NFT drop would be a wise option due to a lot of reasons. The primary reason is that there are a lot of cricket and gaming enthusiasts out there who would get into the Meta Cricket League or search for NFTs before the second drop after seeing the utilities of the NFTs on offer. Irrespective of the buyers’ nature of selling on the go or HODL (crypto jargon for “Hold” or abbreviation for “Hold On for Dear Life”), these NFT collectibles would certainly see a rise in monetary and popularity indexes.

Also, since the developers have announced that they are aiming to build the first metaverse for cricket with the Meta Cricket League NFT cricket game as the foundation, NFT collectors can also engage with cricket enthusiasts and develop their interest in the sport. This further paves the way for the sport to spread its roots in more regions across the world.

I’m Kindled Now – What Should I Do?

If you have developed some interest in the upcoming Super Loot NFT drop on the marketplace and have planned to get started, the steps are pretty much easy for now. First, go to the marketplace’s official website. Then, scroll down to see the live countdown, enter your email address and click on “Join The Waitlist” to keep updated with the latest information from the developers. You can also sign up for the cricket NFT platform by clicking on the “Sign Up” button. In the window that appears next, you will be prompted to fill in your personal details, such as your name, email address, the password for the marketplace platform, and mobile number, and perform the usual steps of signing up. Voila! You are now part of a probable historic event in the metaverse gaming world.

Some Final Thoughts

Hence, there are firm reasons why an NFT collector should await the upcoming Super Loot NFT drop event. Any pioneer figures in the NFT community would not miss such a rare opportunity to HODL some assets worth possessing or even trade them for higher prices, by which the economy of the upcoming cricket game will be kickstarted well. Also, the game is set to bring in another set of blockchain gamers, particularly from Asia and the Caribbean regions. So, as an NFT enthusiast, you would not miss this opportunity to be a part of a historical moment in both NFT and cricketing communities.