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Green Mining Revolution: Startup’s Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol Completes First Clean Transaction!

The Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol (SBP) has just made history with their latest announcement – the debut of the Sustainable Bitcoin Certificate (SBC). The main role of this SBC is to ensure that Bitcoin mining is done using clean energy sources, so that the miners can get their BTC with a guilt-free conscience!

As we all know, Bitcoin mining can be a real energy hog, which is definitely not good news for the environment. But fear not, because SBP came in with their new creation: the Sustainable Bitcoin Certificate (SBC). It’s basically an environmental asset, whose job is to identify those Bitcoins which are mined using clean energy.

It’s official – mining is going green! Thanks to CleanSpark (CLSK) and Melanion Digital, miners now have the chance to get rich and save the planet at the same time. CLSK just made history by completing the world’s first-ever SBC transaction.

All About the SBC Transactions!

Elliot David, the head of SBP’s climate strategy, spilled the beans on the pilot transaction. He said that each SBC was sold for the juicy price of $980, based on the extra cash needed to get a miner one bitcoin. It was quite the bargain considering it was the first time such a trade had been made. 

Taking into account the amount of energy bitcoin mining eats up, Elliot estimates that if you’re going to buy an SBC today, you’d need to fork out around $1,150. Now, that’s a delicious 5% boost to a miner’s returns if they’re utilizing nothing but clean energy!

The ‘SBC Protocol’ also offers miners a unique opportunity to get their hands on some ‘free’ crypto – simply by fueling their operations with natural gas. Not only does this incentivize the use of renewable energy resources, but it’s also an innovative way to retire previous energy credits from the network.