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Get Closer to Hotbit HTB Syrup Pool on PancakeSwap – Earn HTB for Free!

On 18th June, PancakeSwap officially launched Hotbit Syrup Pool, with which users will be granted free Hotbit native token (HTB) by staking CAKE. As we know, Syrup Pool is the greatest derivative in the DeFi world. Like funds in the stock market, Syrup Pool can sharply lower the threshold of participation by private investors. With Syrup Pool, users can easily get access to DeFi and earn without much common sense as long as they hold the relevant Syrup Pool token. This is similar to obtaining stock returns by holding funds in the stock market. PancakeSwap’s Syrup Pool is also known as a leader among DeFi Syrup Pools. Each project selected to list in Syrup Pool is extremely promising and excellent and has created extremely high returns for users. Some major examples are; Litentry’s token (LIT) which grew by 15 times, O3 Swap’s token (O3) grew by 10 times which begs the question of how well will HTB perform with the help of Syrup Pool? Why HTB Should See a Better Performance? There is another point well worth our attention which is Hotbit’s clear difference from Litentry and O3 Swap. The latter two are new quality projects launched in this round of bull market, while Hotbit is a well-established exchange that has spanned the bull and bear market periods. A Brief Introduction About Hotbit Hotbit is an encrypted service and trading platform that was launched in January 2018 when Blockchain experienced its worst-ever bear market. Hotbit grew up with Blockchain moving from a bear to a bull market. Up to now, Hotbit has owned over 2.5 million registered users from more than 170 countries and regions around the world. It has successively established in-depth cooperation with well-known partners in the Blockchain industry, including F2pool, Spark Pool, Mytoken, Slow Mist, HashQuark, etc. in an effort to provide a stable, safe and feature-rich environment for cryptocurrency investors and traders. Thanks to the unremitting efforts, Hotbit has gained a prominent position in the industry and ascended into the list of mainstream trading platforms. Hotbit’s token HTB rose by over 2000% this year, witnessing remarkable performance. Accordingly, Hotbit has helped each participant who went along with Hotbit earn enormous returns. PancakeSwap’s official launch of HTB Syrup Pool is offering us another opportunity to get HTB for free. Users will witness awesome promotional benefits, earn high returns and enjoy wide coverage. Be sure to cherish this opportunity! How Powerful is HTB Syrup Pool? The total number of tokens produced by this HTB Syrup Pool is 9 million HTB, which will be released in 60 days. What does this mean? If HTB price is fixed at 0.05 USDT, the total amount produced by this HTB Syrup Pool will reach 450,000 USDT, and the daily amount will reach 7,500 USDT!
How awesome the benefits are! It is extremely attractive! Please refer to the following detailed information on tokens released: ·Total tokens: 9000000 HTB ·Release period: 60 days ·Starting block: 8399200 ·End point: 10127200 ·Token reward per block: 5.2083 HTB How High are Returns from HTB Syrup Pool? So how high are returns from this HTB Syrup Pool? Here we will sort out and analyze two Syrup Pools of HTB in PancakeSwap. Syrup Pool 1: Obtain HTB by Staking Single-currency CAKE Hotbit’s first Syrup Pool in PancakeSwap is a low-risk single-currency staking pool. If users hold CAKE themselves, they can do risk-free staking in the single-currency staking pool and earn value-added returns. The annual returns of HTB’s single-currency staking pool reach is about 80%, as shown in the figure below:
Some Valuable Tips If users don’t hold CAKE themselves, can they stake at low risk? Of course, they can. Users can obtain HTB by staking single currency CAKE in PancakeSwap. Many trading platforms provide CAKE lending service, and users can obtain HTB by paying a small amount of interest and borrowing CAKE for staking; annual returns of 80% can fully cover this expenditure. Users don’t need to bear the risk caused by the drop of the price of CAKE, so it is safe and efficient. It is worth mentioning that HTB is on ERC while this PANCAKE is on BSC. More attempts will be available later. Coming soon… Syrup Pool 2: Obtain CAKE by Staking HTB/BNB LP HTB’s second Syrup Pool in PancakeSwap is a liquid LP mining pool with higher risk but more substantial returns – users can get CAKE by providing liquidity for HTB and BNB in PancakeSwap, and the annual returns can reach as high as 210%, as shown in the figure below:
We often say that there are some risks in liquid LP mining. The main reason is that only two currencies are paired for LP. One of two currencies is possibly low-value “air coin”, and our valuable coin may be easily considered as air coin, which may incur losses. This is one of the drawbacks caused by the low-threshold DeFi. However, this risk is manageable. In particular, if we pair two promising currencies based on LP liquidity (for example, HTB and BNB from Hotbit’s liquid Syrup Pool in PancakeSwap are valuable currencies), it is unnecessary for us to worry about the risk above. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy low risks and get high returns at the same time. In fact, if we take a holistic look at Hotbit’s launch of PancakeSwap and opening of Syrup Pool, we can discover some interesting details. Why does Hotbit invest 450,000 USDT in holding promotional activities? In addition to repaying users, what are Hotbit’s other motives? Hotbit is a well-established prominent trading platform that was founded in the bear market period and has experienced the bull and bear market periods, so it is imperative for Hotbit to get closer to popular investment spots, attract and serve more users. PancakeSwap benefits from the DeFi craze and has some advantages that Hotbit needs. As they complement each other, they can bring us large benefits and help us earn 450,000 USDT of HTB for free. The market has entered a deep correction since BTC reached the new ATH. Whether the market is bullish or bearish in the future, we still need to screen valuable currencies for investment to help us continue earning or surviving the bear market. Undoubtedly, HTB, which has a record of spanning the bull and bear market periods, is an extremely good choice. HTB Syrup Pool on PancakeSwap undoubtedly provides a low-cost solution for participants. This chance really deserves cherishing. Attachment: 1. For the official HTB token contract in the Binance Smart Chain, please visit: 2. Hotbit 3.Referral article: