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Funtico Launches Exclusive Whitelist for Summoners NFT Sale

Gibraltar, Gibraltar, February 27th, 2024, Chainwire

The new gaming platform Funtico is thrilled to announce the launch of its whitelist for its first exclusive Summoners Collection NFT sale. In addition to providing access to the Summoner Collection, whitelist spots offer some big benefits on the horizon as the Funtico platform barrels full speed ahead to launch.

Users can join the exclusive whitelist campaign starting February 27, 2024, here. Participants will have the chance to purchase one of each of the unique NFTs from the Summoners Collection gaining them access to a special NFT if a user has 1 of each NFTs in the collection.

An exclusive tournament for a chance to win huge prizes.

Funtico has prepared a massive prize pool tournament starting at $100,000 USDT with a first prize featuring a Pudgy Penguin and valuable NFTs from PG Godjira, Killa Bears, and more. 20% of the proceeds from NFT sales will be added to the prize pool – increasing the grand prize significantly. 

Summoner NFTs holder’s benefits 

Rewards multiplier

  • NFT holders will be able to improve their rankings on the leaderboard’s periodic prize pool in the platform. The higher a user’s ranking, the greater their reward will be when the Funtico Platform goes live.

Grand Final & Semi-Final Tickets

  • For ticket holders, Funtico will launch a guaranteed $100,000 USDT tournament when Funtico moves to open beta in the first half of 2024.

How to secure a whitelist spot

Players have two ways to secure their spot on the whitelist:

  • Funtico Zealy campaign: Starting on February 27, 2024 at 5pm CET, players can engage in captivating Zealy quests and amass points to climb the leaderboard. The top 33% of participants will earn a whitelist spot to participate in Funtico’s $100,000 tournament. 
  • Partnership promotions: Funtico has collaborated with several Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and partners in the gaming world. Participants can win a whitelist spot by acquiring unique codes from these KOLs and entering them on the Funtico Dashboard.

Whitelist benefits

  • Reserved Drops: Everyone on the whitelist will have the opportunity to buy any or all of the Summoner NFTs with special Funtico platform rewards multiplier benefits. A user that has one of each NFT in the Summoner Collection will gain access to an NFT with a greater benefit on the multiplier.
  • Referral Incentives: Participants can enhance their gaming experience by referring others. Each purchase made by a referred individual earns the referrer additional semifinal tickets.
  • Free Access: Anyone who purchases a Summoner NFT will also get associated semifinals or finals tickets.

What is Funtico? 

Funtico is a gaming ecosystem where epic fun is fueled by incredible rewards. A platform where gamers can find the perfect games to their taste, excel in them, and turn their achievements into big prizes. Funtico rewards both player activity and skill and offers a diverse range of genres, ranging from indie casual to AAA action-type games. Users can sign up now to get the chance for early bird Pioneer rewards.

What is $TICO?

$TICO is the one key to unlock the door to a wide array of Funtico games. It’s an ERC-20 utility token designed to give users access to Funtico’s game ecosystem services. $TICO will be used for all transactions on Funtico’s platform.

Games at Funtico

Funtico is working on several projects to meet the needs of a diverse array of gamers. Open-world looter-shooters, casual strategy, and battle royale titles are meant to enrich the Funtico gaming ecosystem and ensure that players will never be out of games to play on the platform. 

Users can join the Funtico community on social media and Discord for even more sneak peeks and access to exclusive alpha content.

Funtico: Skill-Based Rewards and Global Community

Funtico is a new gaming platform that turns user skills into prizes, allowing them to experience true ownership of their in-game items and progress.

Built by a team of hundreds of professionals across various gaming industry sectors, Funtico leverages centuries of accumulated experience to bring something unique to players across the globe.

Users can join the growing Funtico community on Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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