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Fastex: Leading the Way in Web3 at Degamefi2023 Conference

Tbilisi, October 7-8, 2023 –  the Degamefi2023 conference took center stage in Tbilisi, and it was a game-changer. With more than a thousand attendees, including some big names like Tether, Polygon, and Mastercard etc. The event was packed with exciting discussions, interesting talks, and a competition for start-up companies. The icing on the cake was the expo area, where the big players in the Web3 world showcased their ideas and products.

Fastex Shines at the Expo

Fastex, one of the main sponsors, stood out. If you visited the expo, you couldn’t miss their booth. It was decked out in hot pink, and they even had some cool physical objects on display. But what’s Fastex all about?

Fastex is a Web3-driven solutions ecosystem offering a diverse product range. Fastex functions as a branded house for Fastex products such as Fastex Verse, the ftNFT marketplace, Fastex Chain, the Fastex Pay crypto payment system, Fasttoken, and the Fastex Exchange crypto and fiat exchange platform.Opening up a vast network of over 7000 users and more than 500 partners, Fastex aims to provide effective solutions for businesses and communities and make Web 3.0 technologies more accessible than ever. They thrive to level up transparency and data ownership between businesses and communities. 

Fastex Supports Web3 and Degamefi

Fastex isn’t just about showing off at expos. They’re on a mission to help Web3 technology grow. They’re all in on supporting the Web3 community, and they even sponsored the special VIP space at Degamefi2023. To top it off, they threw an amazing after-party for everyone to enjoy.

In short, Fastex is a big deal in the Web3 world.