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ETFSwap ($ETFS) Takes DeFi By Storm With Unique Deflationary Tokenomics Model

The DeFi sector, an integral part of the blockchain industry, has seen the entrance of a new player, ETFSwap ($ETFS), that is shaking up the status quo with its unique deflationary tokenomics model. DeFi has seen a lot of advancement that has transformed it from what it used to be in its early stages, and the advancement results from several projects and platforms that aim to make DeFi more accessible by eliminating its ambiguous nature. However, none has been as impactful as the ETFSwap ($ETF) trading platform.

One of the latest narratives that has been heating the DeFi sector and buzzing in the blockchain industry is the tokenization of assets. Several projects have already emerged to spearhead the adoption of this new kid on the block; however, ETFswap ($ETFS) has managed to stand out among the crowd with its unique deflationary tokenomics model. 

In this article, we will briefly discuss ETFswap ($ETFS) before going in-depth into the features and functionalities of its ecosystem. 

What Is ETFSwap ($ETFS)? 

ETFswap ($ETFS) is a decentralized crypto project that aims to create a balance between DeFi and traditional finance through the tokenization of ETFs (exchange-traded funds) – a wide range of asset classes springing from different industries. 

Therefore, by creating an on-chain representation of exchange-traded funds, ETFswap ($ETFS) creates an opportunity for traders of all portfolio sizes to invest in assets like crypto ETFs, precious metals, bonds, stocks, real estate, etc. The platform also features leverage trading, a DeFi function that allows traders to amplify their earnings. In addition, users can also benefit from the seamless swapping services and fractional ownership of assets. 

To protect the interest of its investors, ETFswap ($ETFS) has undergone a rigorous audit of its smart contract by leading blockchain audit firm Cyberscope. The audit showed that the platform’s smart contract had no critical vulnerabilities that could create loopholes for hackers to penetrate and siphon investors’ funds. The platform also intends to partner with other leading DeFi platforms in the future to advance the adoption and growth of the sector. 

How ETFSwap’s Tokenomics Stands Out From Other DeFi Tokens

$ETFS, the platform’s native token, is a deflationary token; therefore, its supply is engineered to continue to decrease, thereby eliminating overabundance that can, in the long run, make an asset lose value. $ETFS will also serve the purpose of governance, allowing all holders to participate in the platform’s decision-making and earn staking rewards. The token will also be instrumental in benefiting from the features of the ETFswap ($ETFS) ecosystem, which serves the purpose of utility. 

ETFswap ($ETFS) has devised an ingenious strategy of distributing the token among its ecosystem to ensure fairness. The platform has allocated 40% of its total token supply to public sale, which will encourage more investors and enthusiasts to join the project at its early stage. 

The community of any project is an integral part of its structure and growth, and ETFswap ($ETFS) understands this, so they are allocating 4% of the $ETFS community. 

Massive $750,000 Raise From Private Sale Event 

As part of the 40% allotted for public sale, ETFswap ($ETFS) recently concluded private sale has raked in $750,000 from the investors of two institutional investors and three angel investors who believe in the platform’s long-term viability of the trading platform.

The platform intends to use the funds generated to speed up the development, launch, and expansion of its ecosystem. The end of the private sale kicks off with the start of the stage 1 presale, where the platform offers $ETFS at a low price of $0.00854. All who participate in the current stage are expected to already make a profit as soon as stage 2 begins at $0.01831 per coin. Further, analysts expect $ETFS to hit the $1 mark soon, surging by 10,000%. 

At the moment, investors are rushing to lay their hands on this token brimming with potential, with over 5 million tokens already sold. Therefore, now is the time to take action and get this undervalued asset at its early stage and immensely increase your ROI (return on investment).

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