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Degamefi2023: Magnificent Rewards Await

This year, Degamefi2023 stands as a testament to the dedication and innovation of our industry-leading partners. Every detail, every giveaway, every experience has been thoughtfully prepared by the main partners. Each of these companies is strengthening the foundation of blockchain technologies and advancing the Web3 world.  Their efforts showcase how crucial blockchain and Web3 are for the future of digital interactions, and how they’re contributing to a more decentralized, secure, and transparent world.

🔹 Age of Mars: Step into the future with Age of Mars. An Apple Watch awaits those looking to combine style with the latest tech.

🔹 Arena Games: Arena Games offers more than just digital excitement:

• Dive into a collection of Physical NFTs, from the illustrious Legendary to Epic and Rare.

• Mark your gaming achievements with Physical AMT & AGP Coins.

• Showcase your allegiance with their exclusive Branded Merchandise.

🔹 Europebet: Get ready for the thrill of premium rewards:

• Engage in next-gen gaming with a brand-new PS5.

• Traverse the city with a sleek Scooter.

🔹 Tangem: In today’s digital age, Tangem highlights the crucial aspect of asset protection. Their top-tier Cold Wallets ensure your assets remain uncompromised.

🔹 Coex: Every tech lover’s paradise:

• Experience gaming like never before with the PlayStation 5.

• Delight in the sounds of Apple AirPods Max and Apple AirPods 3.

• The Marshall Major IV promises an unparalleled auditory journey.

🔹 Bitnet: The world of crypto is vast and inviting! Step into a potential fortune with up to 1 Million Crypto Coins, featuring renowned names like Solana and Dogecoin.

🔹 Whitebit: Realize your crypto ambitions. With a generous offering of USDTs, Whitebit ensures your ascent in the digital world is seamless.

🔹 Fastex: Fastex seamlessly blends style and utility with their special Branded Merchandise, designed for those who wish to stand out.

The expo area will be alive with innovation, demonstrations, and invaluable networking opportunities. Engage directly with the brains behind these brands, delve into their visions, and witness the future of gaming, tech, and crypto. Degamefi2023 is more than an event; it’s the intersection of passion and possibility. Make sure you’re there to be a part of this landmark occasion!

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