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Crypto Space Agency is Sending its First Member to Space via NFT

Crypto Space Agency (CSA) revealed that it had funded a seat for one of its community members on the Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket. CSA is making space travel accessible to the general public in a historic moment that begins to demonstrate the real-world impact of Web3 and NFTs in particular.

“Fielding a space program is a coming-of-age moment for emerging nations. This moment for the crypto nation, which makes the first Cryptonaut deeply symbolic,” said Joshua Skurla, CSA founder. In addition to space flight, the CSA invests in innovative techniques to hunt for alien intelligence, asteroid protection, and the incubation of off-world economic ventures.

The First “Cryptonaut”

The CSA released 5,555 Gen 1 NFTs on the market on April 25, 2022, guaranteeing NFT holders the possibility to go to space. On April 30, the business employed an on-chain randomizer to choose its first Cryptonaut, Victor Hespanha. Victor, a Brazilian engineer, happens to also be a first-time NFT purchaser. As part of his portfolio diversification plan, Hespanha, a space enthusiast, purchased the asset. Hespanha stated that he purchased it, considering its future value potential. Hespanha will make history as the second Brazilian to travel to space.

CSA founder Sam Hutchison has expressed his excitement about the news of Victor experiencing a totally new world which is like what Web3 is doing in eroding the border between fiction and reality. He also stated that CSA is committed to providing its members with similar experiences.

The CSA offers memberships that allow the minting of Gen 1 NFTs for 0.25 ETH apiece. In addition to the possibility to go to space several times, Gen 1 NFT holders will enjoy unique perks like airdrops of future NFT space collections, token offers, and clothing. The earnings from the NFT plus the 7.5%  secondary sales royalty charge will be used to support novel approaches to the search for alien intelligence, asteroid defence, the incubation of off-world commercial ventures, and further member spaceflight operations.