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CoinEx Institution|Exploring BeLaunch, A Top Launchpad in the Sui Ecosystem

Following the launch of the Sui mainnet, several infrastructure projects and major components of the Sui network have recently emerged, which enriched and activated the whole ecosystem, injected new vitality into the chain, and offered first-rate facilities for future projects. As the catalyst for infant ecosystems,launchpads offer a wide range of services, including financing, liquidity provision, and market promotion. Today, we will delve into BeLaunch, a Sui-based launchpad project that will soon issue tokens (

1. About BeLaunch

As an infrastructure within the Sui ecosystem created by a passionate, ambitious team of young individuals from Vietnam, BeLaunch received the Builder Hero Award from Sui and rolled out its mainnet on May 9. BeLaunch encompasses three core components: BeLaunch, BeNF, and BeDex.

BeLaunch, the most crucial part of the project, allows project teams to apply for admission to the launch pool and raise funds from the community. The BeLaunch team rigorously reviews the quality and team authenticity of the relevant projects to eliminate risks of fraud or exit scams. Focusing on community-driven development and user-friendliness, BeLaunch has struck a balance between investors and project teams. For project teams, the simple operations make it easier for them to utilize token launch features; for investors, the rigorous auditing and community maintenance efforts boost their confidence. BeLaunch is well aware that providing quality services for investors and project teams is key to success.

BeNFT, the INO product of BeLaunch, helps project teams/users issue NFTs to raise funds on the platform. BeLaunch offers a rich set of SDKs and tooling products that make it easier for project teams to launch NFTs. Additionally, the MOVE language provides unique support for NFTs, reinforcing the security of games and DeFi derivatives. As NFTs are the cornerstone and potential generator of Sui’s future success, for BeLaunch, infrastructure development represents a major move in the early stage.

BeDex, the DEX of BeLaunch, provides AMM liquidity pools. For project teams, BeDex offers all-inclusive token listing services, as well as a platform for token trading. After IDO, project teams could go to BeDex to start their own LP pool and activate token trading seamlessly. Users, on the other hand, could trade tokens with their decentralized wallets to avoid risks concerning security and KYC that are associated with centralized exchanges.

2. Team background

BeLaunch is backed by a team of ambitious young individuals from Vietnam.

Mr. THAO DINH, CTO of BeLaunch, has years of experience in development and previously worked at BIDV and DevSoft as head of tech development (

The team also boasts expertise in blockchain development.

With extensive experience in OKX frontend development, Mr. Hoang Viet is the lead developer and previously worked at Sphinx JSC as the blockchain development manager (

The team is also equipped with skilled marketers.

Mr. Bravis brings years of operating experience, as he has been involved in promoting various traditional projects, making significant contributions to traditional industries in Vietnam, including telecommunications, e-commerce, and the Internet industry.

3. SNS statistics

BeLaunch’s popularity, which has been maintained since the very beginning, relies on their keen perception of how important the market and the community are. They excel in engaging with the public on Twitter and Discord. Since the mainnet launch on May 9, BeLaunch’s Twitter followers have soared from 160,000 to 216,000, while its Discord base has remained stable at 33,000, with 3,000 online.

Following its mainnet launch on May 9, the official website has now garnered 240,000 page views, primarily in web browsing. In terms of user demographics, the main sources of traffic for project teams are from Southeast Asia, with significant shares from Vietnam and Indonesia. Türkiye and Venezuela also contribute considerable visits, followed by countries with significant blockchain interest such as India and China. Additionally, we can see a balanced ratio between new and existing traffics, with steady improvements across all regions.

4. Sui projects launched through BeLaunch

So far, the platform has engaged with nine project teams, most of which have achieved oversubscription. Only Luckystar stopped its IDO due to project-specific factors. This brilliant record reflects the platform’s responsible approach to selecting quality projects, as well as its ability to attract investors.

INO is also thriving. BeLaunch is now in discussions with ten projects for potential INO, making decent progress.

5. Tokenomics

BLAT, BeLaunch’s native token, comes with a total supply of 100,000,000. In the early days, BLAT will be staked to obtain eligibility for IDO subscriptions. Going forward, the token will capture more value, including but not limited to service fees within the ecosystem and the launch of future incubation programs.

Sui Network is a highly anticipated MOVE-based blockchain ecosystem, and its prosperity depends on whether launchpads could identify promising projects and enable successful market promotions. Meanwhile, BeLaunch, one of the pioneering launchpads on Sui, has attracted the spotlight and will soon initiate an IDO campaign for BLAT. Committed to making crypto trading easier, CoinEx will join hands with Belaunch in hosting various community reward programs to deliver superior, stable trading experiences to users of CoinEx and BeLaunch. Please stay tuned to CoinEx announcements as we will be listing BeLaunch (BLAT) as soon as possible and kicking off a wide range of promotions and benefits. We look forward to your participation.

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