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CoinEx Charity Sponsors Underprivileged Students in Indonesia to Empower Global Education

In May 2023, CoinEx Charity, the charitable branch of the global crypto exchange CoinEx, kicked off the Grant for Fulfilling Dreams. As of now, the program has reached Nigeria, Vietnam, and Thailand. As it sponsors thousands of students in their academic pursuits, the grant has earned extensive recognition. On June 28, the Grant for Fulfilling Dreams arrived in Indonesia, its fourth stop. At Jovin Smart School, CoinEx Charity organized a charity event focusing on poverty alleviation and educational welfare, which aims to improve the learning environment of this impoverished school by providing new desks and chairs, food, clothing, learning supplies, educational funding, roof repairs, and wall refurbishment. The improved learning conditions have brought hope to the students.

As one of Southeast Asia’s largest economies and most populous countries, Indonesiastruggles with limited educational resources and entrenched poverty. According to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, there are currently over 20,000 economically disadvantaged students at risk of dropping out across the country. Most of these students live in remote and underdeveloped areas, and their poor families cannot afford tuition fees and living expenses. Due to poverty, they have to face a great many challenges in pursuing their academic goals and accessing future opportunities.

Jovin Smart School, situated beneath a highway, operates with volunteer teachers and provides shelter and education for poor children from Jakarta and beyond. The students come from extremely poor backgrounds, and most of their parents are homeless, factory workers, or even scavengers. As the school has no source of income, the learning environment remains arduous. At Jovin Smart School, students have long been studying with worn-out desks and chairs, and the lack of learning supplies also hampers their progress.

Well aware that education is fundamental to human progress, CoinEx Charity decided to improve the learning environment for underprivileged students in Indonesia. It provided Jovin Smart School with new furniture so that students no longer have to study with crumbling desks and chairs. Besides, the team also got the school more learning supplies and teaching equipment, ensuring every student has their own stationery. Scholarships were granted to students participating in national exams to help them reach their academic goals. The seemingly small contributions hold significant meaning for underprivileged students. In addition to new school furniture and stationery, CoinEx Charity also repainted the school walls and repaired and reinforced the leaky roof, so thatthe students can learn in waterproof, well-lit, and tidy classrooms. These improvements will not only enhance the learning experience but will also generate greater motivation.

CoinEx Charity at Jovin Smart School

The Grant for Fulfilling Dreams has been appreciated and recognized by local media outlets and KOLs in Indonesia. They not only attended the event but also covered the program, acknowledging the improvement in students’ learning environment and the advancement of local education. Students and teachers at Jovin Smart School also extended their heartfelt gratitude to CoinEx Charity for their charitable acts.

CoinEx Charity at Jovin Smart School

CoinEx Charity is convinced that human society can only achieve shared progress through education and science & technology. As an international charity, CoinEx Charity takes on the responsibility to improve global educational conditions and alleviate poverty. Through the grant, the organization also intends to mobilize more charities and companies to improve the learning conditions of poor students in Indonesia.

The Grant for Fulfilling Dreams has brought newfound hope to impoverished Indonesian students and injected fresh momentum into educational welfare. Going forward, CoinEx Charity will continue to prioritize global educational welfare and collaborate with charitable partners worldwide to build a better future. As it expands its reach, the organization will further contribute to the development of global education, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.