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City of Dream: Your Path to the Era of Metaverse

Science and technology become the core internal drive force of innovation in the modern society with a highly developed economy and fast-progressing technology, which also serves as one of the key measurements for human beings to change their life. So does Metaverse, since it has attracted lots of attention from various fields, and soon become a hot topic among ventures and investors.

The term Metaverse was coined in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash, which refers to a virtual space paralleling the real world. The virtual space can completely duplicate the fundamental structure of the real world and boasts a much special world principle, history, moral norm, and so on. All these can meet the specific demands of different users.

What can be foreseen is that Metaverse will play a more important role in the future, helping human beings work and socialize, and even solving a series of unsolvable difficulties that exist in the real world.

City of Dream (COD) is trying to be the practitioner of the Metaverse. On the principle of decentralization and anonymity, we hope to construct a “private network” for the public through blockchain technology and become the innovation giant.

New Ecology: Everyone Owns a “Digital ID”

Since its birth, City of Dream has been adhering to the vision of building a new ecology of open and free meta-universe economy, striving to provide every user with the opportunity to realize their dreams and change their slightly boring real life. At present, based on the continuous accumulation of high-quality resources, the project has a superstructural smart contract that combines the information broadcast, social blind-box, smart contracts, decentralized storage, games, global lottery pools, and – the chain business contract, creating a complete and logically self-consistent unique metaverse ecology.

From innovative perspectives, City of Dream always aims to make each member in the DAO community gain profits and encourage BNB holders as our major force for project launching. COD will at most decrease the influence of the development team, under the principle of decentralization. This shows that COD boasts an unconventional innovation force and it could change the traditional model of community operation, and provide more opportunities for start-ups all over the world.

In finance, COD is committed to changing traditional financial features, which is not merely a new type of cryptocurrency or a new blockchain-based product, but a fully decentralized financial network, a truly revolutionary commercial practice, and a reform for the Internet. COD expects to improve the macro-development environment of Finance from the root to the top, leading to a totally different innovative path.

Additionally, COD integrates a couple of hot topics including NFT, Meta, DAO, GameFi, SocialFi, and so on. For example, MarkBoss, the unconventional SocialFi developed by COD dev, provides users a self-value marketing channel, which could be used to enhance users’ influence through the Matthew Effect. To some extent, COD has become the key leader in the industry, and innovative for the whole blockchain industry.

MarkBoss, the social blind-box in COD, offers a new kind of method that helps both investors and start-ups make cooperation. Users create their NFT card and place it into the corresponding blind-box in order to look for potential partners and human resources. Hence the traditional company system will encounter a brand new innovation. Through MarkBoss, we hope to drag out the potential commercial value behind human resources. MarkBoss also provides several services including project roadshow, incubation, giveaway, and angel round, which may help start-ups save a large amount of expenditure in the early stage.

The Chain-Sale Era: Reform of Old Rules and Systems

Glory Badge is born with “Chain-sale” – a new type of decentralized marketing model, which is the first decentralized multi-layer human resource model and the key to start the “Chain-Sale Era”. Chain-Sale refers to a selling mechanism that runs on a fully decentralized and tamper-resistant chain and boasts a multi-level referral bounty system and capital allocation.  

There are 4 kinds of badges including Duke, Marquis, Viscount, and Count, which are different in terms of obtainment method and quantity. Users with badges can open blind-box for free and win dividends from global broadcasting. In the near future, COD will release Chain-sale API based on ERC-1155 to other projects so as to share the sales-team and human resources.

In addition, COD will charge fees in order to prevent Whales manipulate the market and make damage to the operation of COD. All fees will be placed into Global Lottery Pool. Users can win characters by a lottery ticket, while collecting all kinds of characters, they can exchange corresponding rewards.

City of Dream will strive its new path in Metaverse through its scientific and well-logical operation mechanism in the future. On the one hand, COD will provide more innovation and solve more development difficulties for the development of private networks; on the other hand, it will spare no effort to change the traditional human resource models and drag out each user’s potential in the industry. It could be foreseen that City of Dream will become an irreplaceable frontier in blockchain development. Meanwhile, the full use of tamper-proof, transparency and traceability will enable COD to inject more innovations into the whole industry.

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