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Chainvate Presents: A Virtual Prelude to Token2049

Where Today’s Innovations Shape Web3’s Future

Chainvate invites you to a virtual prelude to Token2049, the premier crypto event of the year, where blockchain enthusiasts, trailblazing entrepreneurs, and innovative thinkers come together to shape the future of Web3. The event, hosted by Chainvate, will feature insightful panels, curated networking zones, exclusive sneak-peeks, and interactive workshops tailored for the crypto community. 

What to Expect

– Insightful Panels: Industry leaders sharing their visions for the crypto future.

– Networking Galore: Engage with fellow attendees in curated networking zones and forge connections before the main event.

– Exclusive Sneak-Peeks: A firsthand look at some of the innovative projects attending Token2049.

Why Attend

– Be Ahead: Connect with potential collaborators, partners, or clients before Token2049.

– Stellar Networking: Stand a step ahead with an opportunity for seamless, intuitive, and fruitful networking opportunities even before the main Token2049 event.

Agenda Highlights

1. Opening Remarks: Introduction to Token2049 and Chainvate, and an overview of the event’s purpose.

2. Keynote: Web3’s evolution to date and predicted trajectories for its future.

3. Panel Discussion: Highlighting Web3 challenges – technical, regulatory, adoption, and exploring opportunities – Web3 enterprise use-cases.

4. Breakout Sessions: Tracks on Web3 beyond Infrastructure, real use-cases of Web3, and the technical foundations of Web3.

5. Interactive Workshop: A step-by-step guide to get the most out of Web3 events.

6. Networking Session: Insights on company booths at Token2049, one-on-one chats, and investors and VCs joining forces.

7. Closing Remarks & Token2049 Preview: Event summary and Chainvate’s plans for the Token2049 event.

8. Post-Event Mixer: Casual chats and networking.

The event will commence on September 7, 2023, at 6:00 PM (IST) on a virtual platform, the link for which will be shared with registered attendees.

Click here to Register!

Chainvate encourages all attendees to “set the stage for an unmatched experience at Token2049” by engaging, learning, and collaborating in this virtual rendezvous.

Bonus: 50 random companies joining the event will receive a free ‘Revenue Model’ analysis.

About Chainvate

Chainvate is a leading provider of customized growth strategies and insightful market research for Web3 and blockchain businesses. With deep-seated knowledge of the Web3 space and a data-centric approach, Chainvate crafts growth plans that unlock untapped potential. 

Whether you’re an early-stage startup in need of a comprehensive growth roadmap or an established enterprise looking to amplify performance, Chainvate stands as a dedicated growth partner. Joining forces with Chainvate means not only benefiting from superior strategy formulation, but also becoming part of a journey to shape the future of the Web3 ecosystem. 

For more information, visit Chainvate’s website and follow them on Twitter.

Event Partners

Cointime, Metastone, Chainup, Blockon, Footprint Analytics,, Plena Finance, wowTalkies, Biconomy, QuillAudits, LBank, and many others.

Join Us!

Ready to shape the future of Web3? Register now to secure your spot at the Chainvate’s Virtual Prelude to Token2049. Click here to register on Luma.

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