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BitMex Co-founder Envisions History’s Mightiest Crypto Bull Market: AI and Liquidity as Catalysts

BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes predicts the largest bull market in crypto history, driven by increased money printing and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI).

Key Takeaways

  • Arthur Hayes foresees the most colossal crypto bull market in history, driven by AI and fiat liquidity.
  • The commercialization of AI and a surge in fiat currency are cited as key propellants for this predicted boom.
  • Decentralized storage systems, crucial for AI, underpin the anticipated market explosion.
  • Despite previous shortcomings, Filecoin (FIL) is spotlighted as a prospective titan in the impending bull market.

Arthur Hayes, the co-founder of the infamous cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX, has ignited a flicker of excitement and skepticism across the crypto community with his audacious forecast: a monumental crypto bull market, the likes of which have never been chronicled in human history. This skyrocketing leap, according to Hayes, will be propelled by the unprecedented surge in fiat liquidity coupled with the burgeoning advent of artificial intelligence (AI).

In a recent post, Hayes expressed that the forthcoming bull market is not only fuelled by one, but two monumental catalysts – an unprecedented influx of money printed in a strikingly concise time frame, and the impending mainstream adoption of AI. Historically, crypto bull markets have been ignited by either a surge in fiat liquidity or technological advancements, notably in blockchain. Hayes argues that this forthcoming epoch will witness a confluence of these two potent factors, unlocking uncharted territories of market growth.

He vouches for the “faithful” – those who have their portfolios enmeshed in technology and fiat liquidity – stating that they will reap the formidable rewards precipitated by this unparalleled bull market. A pivotal player in this unfolding drama, as per Hayes, is decentralized storage – an infrastructure component deemed vital to support the massive data requirements of AI systems, ensuring they are both secure and resistant to censorship.

Casting a spotlight on Filecoin (FIL), a decentralized data storage network, Hayes elevates it as a potential heavyweight in the impending bull run. Despite its shaky performance over the past two years and a drastic 98.5% plunge from its all-time high of $237.24 in April 2021 to a modest $3.36, Hayes envisions FIL blossoming into a formidable force in the crypto realm during the anticipated bull market, attributing to its pivotal role in decentralized data storage.


Hayes’ vision of a crypto future, shimmering with unprecedented growth and opulence, is as tantalizing as it is speculative. The realms of AI and crypto are indeed profound and teeming with potentials that could redefine the financial ecosystem. However, it’s imperative to tread with a blend of optimism and caution.

While the seamless marriage of AI and crypto is theoretically plausible, its practical realization is punctuated with myriad complexities and challenges – technological, regulatory, and ethical. For investors and enthusiasts alike, a strategy infused with both enthusiasm and prudence, alongside a keen eye on the evolving global economic landscape, would be astute as we navigate through these exhilarating, yet uncertain times in the crypto world.