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Bitdeer Collaborates with Nvidia to Introduce AI Cloud Solutions in the Crypto Mining Sector

Singapore-based cryptocurrency miner Bitdeer Technologies Group is planning to launch its AI computing platform, Bitdeer AI Cloud, in the first quarter of 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • Singapore-based cryptocurrency mining firm Bitdeer Technologies Group is entering the artificial intelligence (AI) computing market in Asia.
  • Bitdeer plans to launch its Bitdeer AI Cloud platform in the first quarter of 2024, focusing on providing AI computing power to Singapore businesses initially.
  • The platform is among the first cloud services in the region to utilize Nvidia’s hardware and software systems for enterprises.
  • Bitdeer is currently constructing its first AI cloud data center in Singapore, with operations expected to commence in November. Simultaneously, the software is being developed.

Bitdeer’s Expansion into AI Computing

The company aims to address the demand for advanced AI solutions in the region by providing affordable infrastructure and resources to support AI initiatives.

Bitdeer plans to extend its AI services to local companies in Singapore before expanding to Indonesia and Malaysia.

The platform targets not only large enterprises and startups but also government and university researchers working on cutting-edge AI and data science projects.

Launch of Bitdeer AI Cloud Platform

Bitdeer plans to introduce its Bitdeer AI Cloud platform in Q1 2024, initially targeting Singaporean businesses.

Powered by Nvidia Technology

The platform will be one of the first cloud services in the region to leverage Nvidia’s hardware and software solutions for enterprises.

Phased Launch Approach

The launch will occur in phases, with Bitdeer currently building its first AI cloud data center in Singapore, expected to begin operations in November.

Bitdeer’s platform will cater to a range of users, including large enterprises, startups, government entities, and university researchers engaged in cutting-edge AI and data science projects.

To Conclude

Bitdeer Technologies Group’s expansion into the AI computing sector in Asia, marked by the launch of its Bitdeer AI Cloud platform, signifies the company’s commitment to providing AI computing power and solutions.

This initiative, powered by Nvidia’s technology, aims to address the growing demand for AI infrastructure and accelerate AI adoption in the region.