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Binance (BNB) Token Dips Further While Chainlink (LINK) Community Displays Optimism For Tokenization – Meme Moguls (MGLS) Distinguishes Itself Among New Altcoins

The cryptocurrency market experienced a spike in the values of many cryptocurrencies towards the end of 2023, leading to an increased expectation as 2024 goes on. However, top crypto coins like Chainlink and Binance are currently experiencing price fluctuations. 

Due to this changing landscape, investors are seeking revolutionary investments in the market. With an emphasis on the fascinating newcomer, Meme Moguls is positioning itself as a top memecoin investment for 2024. Meanwhile, it has crossed the $1.9 million mark in its token presale, a feat that ranks it among the best new cryptos to invest in.

Chainlink (LINK) Community is Ready For Tokenization This Year

Chainlink, an Ethereum Layer-2 network, is exploring tokenization use cases. According to the official Chainlink (LINK) X account, “the industry is ready for tokenization”. Meanwhile, experts predict that the usage of tokenized assets will increase even further in 2024. Based on this premise, LINK is teaming up with ARTA TechFin, Vodafone, ANZ Bank, DTCC, Swift, and others. 

In the last seven days, Chainlink’s price has decreased significantly. Although the price activity over time is uncertain, the wave count indicates that LINK will continue to decline. Regaining the range high of $17 may result in a rise in prices despite the pessimistic LINK price forecast.

Regarding the future LINK movement, the Chainlink community and analysts on X have differing opinions. According to Crypto Tony, LINK will likely rise to $12.60 after emerging from its range bottom. But according to Crypto Moose, in a tweet on X, he stated, “If prices go down, don’t be scared. See it as a Black Friday sale. Don’t be surprised if LINK drops to $10-$11. Be ready for it. I’ll happily accumulate at lower prices.”

Binance (BNB) Token Dips Further 

Following the step down of the former CEO of Binance [BNB], Chanpeng Zhao, in Nov 2023, coupled with a series of court cases, Binance token has experienced price fluctuations. However, this year, Binance price is declining and signaling a reversal from the critical $300 mark. Notably, Binance token has been trading between $312.6 and $292 in the last seven days, boasting a market cap of $44,013,183,677. 

Furthermore, the continuous sell-off in the market is raising the likelihood of a bearish trend and at the same time reducing investor sentiments. Despite approaching bearish clouds, some crypto experts like Crypto Tony still expect an optimistic year going forward.  

Meme Moguls (MGLS) Distinguishes Itself Among New Altcoins

Meme Moguls (MGLS) enters this competitive sector with an innovative offering. More than just another meme coin, it provides a whole ecosystem that consists of a casino, trading platform, stock market/exchange backed by memes, and a metaverse universe called “Mogul Land.” 

There has been a lot of interest in Meme Moguls’ ongoing token presale where it has already sold out in four different stages, suggesting investors’ confidence in the project. Besides, the platform is attractive for other reasons, including its novel approach and profitability. 

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>MOGULS!! 🔥<br><br>Are you ready to change the landscape? 🧑‍🌾 With one of the biggest airdrops of 2024 👀 Get ready!! <a href=”;src=ctag&amp;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>$MGLS</a> Farming. Coming soon… <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; Meme Moguls (@meme_moguls) <a href=””>December 8, 2023</a></blockquote> <script async src=”” charset=”utf-8″></script>

The native token, MGLS, functions as both an in-game feature and a governance token. By prioritizing utility, Meme Moguls goes beyond leveraging hype as a value driver, thereby distinguishing itself from other meme coins to rank among the best new cryptos to invest in 2024. Unlike other meme coins, this token will combine profitability with amusement.

Currently selling at $0.0036 in its ongoing stage 5 presale, the MGLS token reflects roughly a 90% increase from the initial price of $0.0019. While the price surge is attributed to many things including the token’s dynamic pricing model, the current price offers a good point of entry for interested participants. 

Looking ahead, this project aims to revolutionize the memecoin market. For this reason, analysts anticipate an x100 rise on launch day and a 1000% boost during the ongoing presale. It gets more interesting as members can also participate in a $10,000 worth of MGLS giveaway by engaging in a series of tasks. 

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Meta Title: Binance (BNB) Token Dips Further, Chainlink (LINK) Community Displays Optimism For Tokenization, While Meme Moguls (MGLS) Distinguishes Itself as The Best Crypto to Invest in 

Meta Description: Explore Binance (BNB) Token as it Dips Further, Chainlink (LINK) Community Displays Optimism For Tokenization, While Meme Moguls (MGLS) Distinguishes Itself as The Best Crypto to Invest in 

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