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Animoca Brands CEO Forecasts the Rise of Console-Style Web3 Games

CEO of Animoca Brands, Robby Yung, predicts a rise in triple-A console-style games in the Web3 gaming space, highlighting Life Beyond and the Revv ecosystem as notable projects, while emphasizing the importance of blockchain integration in the metaverse.

Key Points

  • CEO of Animoca Brands, Robby Yung, predicts more triple-A console-style games in the Web3 gaming space in the next year.
  • Yung highlights Life Beyond as an exciting game transitioning from alpha testing to full launch and mentions the Revv ecosystem as another project to watch.
  • Yung compares the resistance to Web3 games from traditional gamers to the initial skepticism faced by mobile gaming in 2009.
  • Animoca Brands has a broader vision, including transitioning its subsidiary Tiny Tap to Web3 and emphasizing the importance of blockchain integration in the metaverse.


In a recent interview at the Proof of Talk conference in Paris, Robby Yung, the CEO of Animoca Brands, shared his predictions for the Web3 gaming space. Yung believes that in the coming year, there will be an increase in the number of triple-A console-style games being launched. While currently, only a handful of games, such as Life Beyond, Devourers, and Phantom Galaxies, fall into this category, Yung expects more to follow suit.

Yung specifically mentioned Life Beyond as an exciting game to watch as it transitions from early alpha testing to full launch. The development team behind Life Beyond has a strong history of producing high-quality traditional games, with the founder having previously worked on the popular game Assassin’s Creed. Yung believes that the content style and storytelling in Life Beyond will appeal to more traditional gamers.

The Revv Ecosystem

Another project that Yung expressed enthusiasm for is the Revv ecosystem. Animoca Brands has developed games in collaboration with Moto GP and Formula E, as well as Revv Racing and other branded games, all unified by the Rev token ecosystem. Yung teased that there will be many developments in this ecosystem within the next six months.

Yung acknowledges that there has been pushback from traditional gamers when it comes to adopting Web3 games. He likened this resistance to the initial skepticism faced by mobile gaming when it emerged in 2009. Yung believes that the gaming industry is moving towards a hybrid model, recognizing the importance of both the mobile and casual gaming sectors. He foresees a future where traditional and blockchain gaming are combined before fully embracing blockchain and NFTs.

Animoca Brands is known for its portfolio of Web3 titles and metaverse platforms, including The Sandbox, Phantom Galaxies, Life Beyond, and Crazy Defense Heroes. However, Yung revealed that the company has a broader vision, such as transitioning its subsidiary, Tiny Tap, from Web2 to Web3. Tiny Tap is an educational platform that allows teachers to create online lessons and be paid in tokens.

End Note

When it comes to the metaverse, Yung believes that the true essence of it requires the integration of blockchain technology. He emphasized that content interoperability, made possible by blockchain, is a fundamental aspect of the metaverse. Yung stated that the centralized and closed definition of the metaverse, championed by legacy players like Meta, is no longer relevant.

Yung also addressed the regulatory challenges faced by the crypto and Web3 industries. He highlighted the impact of regulatory ambiguity, which has created risk aversion and hesitancy among investors. Yung expressed that this uncertainty complicates investment decisions, with the United States becoming less of a focus for Animoca Brands. However, he praised France for its emergence as a prominent Web3 hub, attributing it to the presence of talented entrepreneurs and an entrepreneurial spirit that predates the NFT boom in 2017.